I am new here. I’ve been experiencing pvcs a lot lately so my cardiologist ran a stress test and ECG. He indicated my EKG was not completely normal and is now sending me for an echo/stress test. He said this could be heart disease and if so I would need an angioplasty. I am 36, been T1 for 24 years and have recently lost 80 pounds. My A1c has always been good (6.0) until the last year when it jumped to 7.0. Has anyone else had this issue? It seems ridiculous that he suspects heart disease especially now after getting my weight down to 123 and eating a very healthy diet.

I’d love to hear from someone in the same boat! Thanks.

Hi @sarad,

I had to look up PVCS because I didn’t know what it was. I think that doctors have to give you worst case scenario.
I would wait to see what that stress test and Echo say first. That will give you a better indication of what is going on inside.

After I had my son I was having something similar to what PVCS symptoms are. It felt like flutters in my chest and palpitations, and my blood pressure was high. Which was VERY unusual for me. I had a stress test and echo and it all came back normal. Hopefully, everything will be fine for you too! Keeping my fingers crossed!

I’m going to apologize in advance here: I’m a vet tech and very science/medicine obsessed so I like looking up stuff like this. I have seen animals with this problem on EKG and we usually cancel anesthetic procedures and send them to a cardiologist asap.

The article I read on the Mayo Clinic website says that causes include imbalances and chemical changes in the body (makes sense that would include post-partum and/or while lactating). I have heard that those with anorexia (not to say that you have it, but losing 80 lbs quickly could put the body in a similar state) have bone and heart problems. If everything else is normal, I would make sure you are getting all of your essential nutrients.
Even if you need angioplasty though, isn’t better to have that done and be closely monitored now, than find out after you have a heart attack? Cardiologists have some great technologies to work with these days too! Good luck!

Thank you everyone! I am sure things will turn out to be fine either way. I am glad they take things so seriously and monitor it before the condition causes something worse. It’s funny how much my weight loss has effected. My hormones are totally out of balance, so yes, probably has something to do with the heart palps also. Thanks again!


Please keep us posted!