Hi Everyone,

I recently had a check up and my doctor said he felt a slight irregularity with my thyroid.  He said that its probably nothing but he's having it checked out.  He also said it was common in diabetics to have a problem with their thyroid gland.  Does anyone have a problem with theirs or know of another diabetic who does?  I'm trying not to worry to much about it but to be honest its kinda freaking me out!


My mum and I both have underactive thyhroids, It's really no big deal,  the main effect is that you're cold ALL THE TIME.  mine isn't too underactive, so I don't have to take anything for it, but my mum's is a lot worse, so she takes a couple of pills every morning.  

The only thing is that thyhroid problems can actually be a symptom of adrenal gland fatigue, which is a bit more serious, it makes it so everything stresses you out,  eg, someone jumping out in front of you and saying "boo." My mum has pretty bad adrenal fatigue, and sometimes if something unexpected happens, she'll just sit down, and start crying.  Adrenal fatigue usually turns into chronic fatigue syndrome, which makes it really difficult to cope with everyday life, and things like having a job.......  thyroid issues don't always mean that that is whats happening though..... that's really only for a small percentage of the population,  and if you catch the problem early,  it can be very easily contained :)

Well- I kinda did. I was really tired and some other stuff and the doctor felt my throat and said my thyroid felt enlarged- they were pretty sure that was the problem. So the next doc appointment   I had they were going to draw blood and call me when they got to results. My doctor felt my throat and was like 100 percent sure that was the problem so he proceeded to explain it all to me. After the appointment my doc never called so at my next one I asked and they said the blood test came back negative - crazy right :p but back to the actual thing. It's important to know its not a complication of diabetes- it's nothing you've done wrong :) people with type one diabetes tend to have immune system problems for example celiac( allergy to wheat), skin allergies  and thyroid problems . I for example have celiac ( and maybe thyroid ) they are not caused by diabetes, they just go along with the whole immune system thing. So it's not a complication, it's just sometime that can go along with it- as my doctor said " the name tags on my organs got messed up" haha so our bodies attack them. As for the thyroid thing its really no big deal. You just take pills that 'turn off ' ur thyroid and do the work for it . If u stop taking them it just picks up again and acts like it did before. All u do is take a pull everyday, lots of people do it, its really no big deal ( compared to what we already do haha) It won't effect ur life ie no side effect or anything. hope this helps sorry I wrote so much !!!!!!!  

Thyroid issues are common for diabetics.  I'd had an overactive thyroid for most of my life, but after having a child not have an underactive one.  Both conditions are  a minor inconvenience and there are medications to treat them.