any one out there experiencing complications because of diabetes?


My doctor told me my high sugar levels are damaging the nerves on my feet. I can feel it, when i feel that twitch at the bottom of my foot. I think I am finally realizing that diabetes is not temporary, its forever. It doesn't get better, it gets worse.

I have been a T1D for 25 yrs. and I'm 30 yrs. old. I have 2 complications. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with the early stages of kidney disease. I have been taking a pill to control the progression of kidney disease and things have stayed the same, no news is good news, right?! In Jan. 2009 I had a mini stroke because of my diabetes. That was an eye opening experience for me being young, going through that experience was heart wrenching. The thing I've learned about my complications is that I've got to keep living or I'll just fall apart. It is very important to take the best care of your diabetes as you can it may help prolong (possibily prevent some) complications. I pay close attention to my feet, luckily I have no severe issues there yet. Everytime I shower I put lotion on my feet, keep nails at a "safe" length, I NEVER go bare foot, check for redness and sore spots as directed by my doctor. I only wear new balance (NB) wide tennis shoes because basic width is too tight for me, just in the last year I noticed it. Another NB positive is that there is alot of room in the toe box, can help prevent ingrown toenails, ouch (had toe surgery 5 times). I wear crocs alot also they're very roomy, although many people think they're ugly, I don't and  I LOVE them ! I have 19 different types from the clogs to ballerina flats, wedge sandals, heels (3in), boots, slides you get the point, I have alot lol. Very rarely do I wear flip flops anymore they kill my feet. The things I mentioned above are things I do to protect my feet and may not work for you. Take care of yourself, your future depends on it. Good Luck.

ok i'm 17 and i LOVE high heeled shoes, but then it just hit me when i read the previous post... can those shoes cause problems for me later on? i mean i never really gave much thought into what kinds of shoes i wore, i just bought what i thought was cute and went from there... anyways, just recently my my blood sugars have skyrocketed and caused me to get ketones, i wear an insulin pump, but we think it's scar tissue... so back on shots for now. i mean i know you have to rotate and stuff... i tried i really did, but am thin so it's like i feel i run out of places to go... errr so frustrating

Im not sure if they can cause problems later on. I went to a diabetes Expo not too long ago and they kept stressing how important it is to wear comfortable shoes. Last month i went out dancing and wore some heels, the next morning i couldn't feel my middle toe. It felt numb but at the same time it hurt. My doctor tells me its because of my nerves.  Sandals are just a big NO! (they are my fav)

no sandals at all? ok so maybe heels aren't bad long as you aren't wearing them for long periods of time. like i usually just wear mine to church or something like that.

This website gives you important information pertaining to foot care and being diabetic. Wearing heels in moderation should not cause any problems for you. I have heels that are made by CROCS and they are very comfortable. To see what's available check out this link,123 . I would talk to your endocrinologist or foot doctor if you have any concerns. NEVER wear shoes that are too tight on your feet, always wear comfortable roomy shoes. I wear sandals sometimes but not for long periods of time.

thanks! i will look into it because i am very stubborn about my footwear, as i said i just wear what i think is cute which most of the time isnt comfy shoes, but i do save my heels for church for the most part :-) thanks for your help, now i can breathe a little easier.

I've talked to a number of doctors about feet issues, because I also LOVE heels.  If you don't have feet issues, which I luckily don't yet, you are really fine to wear them.  You do, however, need to check your feet every day.  If you get any blisters or anything, be careful.  I got a staph infection once from a blister.  But until you develop issues, you are really ok.

I get scared of nephropathy.  I haven't had any real issues yet, and i've had diabetes for 16 years.  I did have protein in my urine once, but nothing since that test, and it was about 5 years ago.  But sometimes I am so scared!