Conception Day

I'm needing some advise, any would be great.

As I've read other blogs here, looks like the majority of the responses is the usual.. keeping the A1C levels as close to 6.0 as possible; 90 fasting, 120 post meals. Which is great, I'll continue to work of this.

I grew thinking that you had be in absoulte tight control for a year, then lately they say at least six months. However, my GYN said that yes its important for my sugars to be well controlled, however the most important thing is to have a perfect glucose reading the time you have sex, which would be the conception date. When I heard this I was like... oooook, thats going to be akward; "oh honey, wait! need to check my my sugar!" lol.

Anyways, has anyone else heard of this?

Thank, Alma. :)

Nope, I've never heard that one before.  

Sounds a little odd to me.  A fertilized embryo doesn't implant into the uterus lining until about a week later.  That's when you'll start sharing blood with your fetus.  I suppose that a good blood glucose level helps with vaginal moisture (ie - too high a blood sugar can cause dryness, which won't help those little spermies).  But your blood sugar during sex that results in conception has nothing to do with any effect on the baby.


I've heard it important *around* the time of conception b/c one the embryo implants, there's important neural tube development. Could this have been what the dr meant?

I would agree with Sarah that "around" conception is very important.  Neural tube and major organ development is in the first 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy (and for part of that time you don't know you're pregnant.  Hence the importance of getting blood glucose levels to a good range before conception.