I was wondering if hot flashes and sweating is anyway related to diabetes.  My best friend has been diagnosed for about 2 years and has randomly been experiencing extreme hot flashes and severe sweating.  Is this anyway related to diabetes or insulin?

I get like that sometimes when I'm really low,like in the 50's.

Sweating is a pretty common symptom of low blood sugar.  Never heard of hot flashes, though sometimes people have different symptoms with a low.  

It's possible, but extremely rare, to have an allergy to insulin, but the symptoms of that are a rash shortly after injecting the insulin.  

Your friend may need to have thyroid levels checked since thyroid troubles can be common for diabetics.  

When I have been on the Adkins diet I felt like I was burning up all the time. That was how I knew I had used up all my carbs. Your friend should check for ketones.

While I agree sweating is often a sign of low blood sugars, the heat, the oh wow, do I have a fever feeling is usually higher blood sugars for me!  So when in doubt, test!