Concerned Mom Needs your Advice!

Hi Everyone,


It's a pleasure to finally be a part of this online group.

My son Evan (did you know the meaning of "Evan" is young warrior?  coincidence???), has had diabetes since age 23 months.  He's 14 1/2 years old now!  So you'd think I'd be an expert by now, but of course I'm not.

The problem I really need your help with is this:  like every teenager (myself included, when I was one), this kid LOVES to eat.  He will go through half a box of cereal, half a bag of chips, you get the idea...

Miraculously, his A1c isn't that bad, tending to hover between 7.8 and 8.2.  Still, we would prefer a tighter level of control.  I'm just certain it's the binge eating that brings this A1c up.

Does ANYONE have any suggestions that WORKED?  We've tried everything, taking away computer privileges, reducing the amount of snack food in the house, yelling/threatening/pleading.  It just makes him upset, and he doesn't learn from it.

I really need your help and advice.  And I'm not afraid of a horror story or two either. 

Thanks so much, Stephanie

With that good of an A1c for a teenager I'd leave him alone and let him eat how he wants.  Think you're finghting a losing battle trying to punish him for being hungry like any other teenage boy.

It's better not to eat weird to manage diabetes.  Instead try to help your child have as normal a relationship with food as possible and just eat when he's hungry since people with type 1 are more likely to develop eating disorders (especially girls).

One thing that might help to lower blood sugar after eating lots of carbs is to eat, take insulin, then test about an hour later and see if a correction bolus is needed to further lower blood sugar.  Can't remember if it's in Gary Scheiner's "Think Like a Pancreas" or John Walsh's "Using Insulin" that mentions the Chinese restaurant effect.  It basically means that if a person with diabetes eats large quantities of food it will require more insulin to process than the carb count would normally dictate.  

You sounds like a really good mom and it sounds like your son is doing great.  I've had diabetes for 35 years and still am not a diabetes expert.  You just learn as you go and try to do your best.  It will all work out.

Take care. -Jenna

I agree with Jenna. I have seen a few parents here punishing their kids because of diabetes. I think that is a horrible idea. Positive reinforcements are scientifically proven to work better anyway. Try to have more healthier snacks around too. Skip the potato chips and get something else.