Concussion, thyroid and T1D with teen?

Does anyone have any experience with dealing with a severe concussion that knocked out Thyroid production as well? We’ve been dealing for over a year and although his vision is corrected, puberty, Thyroid and T1D have conspired against him feeling better. Thanks.

Typed a long response but it disappeared. I have experience with T1 causing htpothyroid because the 2 conditions are related. Compared with insulin replacement, synthetic thyroid is a pill and you take it once daily.

It rakes a few Mo this but steady thyroid is achievable. Good luck!

Sorry for typos I am on a cell phone answering from Amsterdsm and I don’t have my glasses!

Thank you. We’ve been using synthetic thyroid pills and think that we might have a good dose finally. It’s just a real challenge trying to figure out why he is still exhausted and struggling a year later. The combination of concussion with T1D, thyroid and puberty is tough to explain to anyone and harder still to help. Thanks for any thoughts.

Hello @tdfuller, keep in mind that stress from t1 as well as growing pains can make anyone exhausted. Keep a watch for depression. It takes many years to accept diabetes. Sorry you both have to go through this.

A regular routine, support and understanding is a strategy.