Confessions of a Diabetic Teenager

Have any of you ever cheated on your diabetes somehow? If you did, why, and who did you tell afterwards? I'd just thought I'd start a forum about it =D

Yeah. Sad as I am to admit it, I sometimes eat the food during Home Ec class. It's always unhealthy but REALLY good.

You can't call this cheating on your diabetes. You know what will happen if you eat something that you "shouldn't" but to term it cheating may not be the best word. Yes, as a diabetic it is better to avoid eating sugar and sweets because it will raise your sugar. However, if you see a cookie, eat a cookie, and give yourself insulin for the cookie is that really cheating??

Well that's not what I meant. I meant without insulin and stuff. I don't even know how to give myself extra insulin for extra food yet :P.  I mean cheating as in not doing it as you're supposed to.

Well I just had to ask. I have never "cheated" I was more concerned with high's that I would always make sure I had stuff going in my system. I had more lows than highs. But not testing is somethig I did for a long time and I think that falls under the category of cheating. Let me tell you it is not a good thing.

I agree with Brian, but let me say that one have i ever not taken care of my diabetes..

I guess the fact that I don't test 2hours after each meal, and all that jazz is cheating. sometimes I do a shot without testing, just to cover whatever i'm about to eat and don't do a correction dose at the same time, or guess what my level is and do a bit extra.


it's really dangerous if you start to "cheat" such as not taking your insulin etc. I know a girl who has been diagnosed for 9years now(we're both 21) and in highschool she stopped taking her insulin for a while, then started then, then stopped again. she's now on disability tho working part-time for her dad, 4months pregnant(god help us), on IV theraphy, and has been living with her parents for the last three years because she couldn't work due to being in and out of the hospital for stomach problems and just last week was in the ER again because the IV therapy stopped working. it's not something you can "cheat" on really. not testing enough is one thing..not taking your insulin or enough insulin is a whole other ballgame.

Well, sometimes I eat sugary junk food and forget to do insulin...

And sometimes I eat really carby foods and deliberately don't check my blood sugar first. Just cuz I'm too lazy. xP

I have always adamantly controlled my diabetes but it is a tiring effort. I suggest you look into insulin pumps because they allow you to eat whatever you want (as long as you take boluses). You cannot allow yourself to "cheat" because the only person you wind up cheating is yourself. Keep you blood sugars as normal as possible and avoid highs (they lead to long-term complications). Take vitamins, work out, stay active, and live as normal a life as possible. That is what I have done and it has been successful so far :)

YES i have def cheated many times.. i guess it would be cheating.. i have NOT taken insulin just to drop a few pounds really fast ,,and i have eaten loads of sugar just to loose weight!

 so that would be cheating right!???

i would tell anyone,, they would all know as soon as i slept for like a week straight and kept peeing 24/7 and drank gallons of water every five minutes!


Okay, this is a really random question, but does anyone know what those green rectangles are under the pictures on the side?

I used to never test my blood sugar and I remember I would make up numbers and write them in a log book like an hour before going to see my endo granted this was like 8 years ago but I think this is the first time I have admitted doing that .


The green rectangles are showing your participation on juvenation the more green you have the more you have been participating!


Oh, haha okay thanks! =]

I take the definition of 'cheating' as being deceptive. You can't deceive yourself, as the nature of diabetes is biological, not mental. You can, however, deceive others.

I, for one, used to lie to my parents about my blood sugars to escape their criticism. I wouldn't lie to my body though, I'd take extra insulin to fix it, even though by doing so I was making the balance a bit more precarious (like eating a full meal and accomodating both it and the fact that your blood sugars are high).

When I was diagnosed, I knew that I wanted to take care of myself. If I was going to have diabetes (which was a given), I was going to have it the right way. No pity parties, no rebelling against it, no cheating. And a quick 3 1/2 years later I still live by that.

I don't, nor have I, cheated my diabetes. I haven't lied to my doctors, my parents, my friends, myself about any of it. It's clear to me that cheating it won't make it go away. I remember what it feels like to not be treated; why would I choose to go back to that when it all it guarantees is a lifetime that much harder?

i like the way you think! i wish i was like that! i just cant seem to get past it!
 i have had it for 13 years now and im still suffering with this!

....I give you alot of props!!!! your very strong! wish i was more like you!!!


You have diabetes. There isn't anything that will change that today; why not do it right?

All I did was tell myself I will do this the right way. Tell yourself that, and you can. It's just mind of matter.


ive had a slightly low blood sugar at meal times and not had juice. but that was because i didnt have any. also, i havent eaten all of my carbs at times but that was when my blood sugar was high and in attempt to bring it down.

so, nope, never.

I went through a really really bad phase with my diabetes from around 15-17. I did too little insulin, didn't test, etc. And of course I thought I was invincible. Now that I'm older I'd give anything to go back and take care of myself. I lied to my doctor about my blood sugars and didn't realize I was only hurting myself. I didn't tell anyone. Now I have to be really careful to work to reverse the complications. It sucks but I don't think there's any way to really get teens to understand that they need to take care of themselves or they'll pay for it later for sure.