Considering a CGM


My name is Anna and I have had diabetes for 11 years. In my 11 years of experience, I feel like I have tried everything, shots, pens, different types of pumps, different meters that interact with the pump,a trial 3-day CGM, shots while on the pump, and I am now considering trying the CGM. My life is crazy and pretty inconsistent. I am a full time college nursing student who works weird hours at nursing home. Where I am running around everywhere because of all the stress of school and no set schedule I was considering going to a CGM. I was wondering how people like it and if they found it easier then other options. Honestly I am just looking for a little information on the product and what people recommend or if anybody has problems with it that I may not hear about in the news articles I read online. ANY info would be a help! Thanks!

Hi Anna,

First, welcome to T1Nation! Glad to have you here.

As far as your question, it sounds like you would definitely be a great candidate for a CGM. It is great for people with a pretty active work schedule where you can't always stop and check. It is used to keep track of trends in your blood sugar levels, not to replace your meter.

Personally, I used to wear mine for keep track of certain times of the day where I was having issues. Now I use it for exercise to know where I am at during a workout. You will find what works best for you. The great part is you can either wear it ALL of the time or part time.

At first I was using Minimed CGm which is an all in one pump/cgm but, the insertion was really painful for me, and the CGM just would not stay stuck to my body.

I am currently wearing a Dexcom 7 which I like SO much better! If you can ask for a trial of both devices so you will know which features you like and what your comfort level is with each.

Here is the link to Dexcom:

This is for Minimed:


Don't even think twice. Get a CGM!! They make all the difference in the world. I got mine in 2006 and have never gone a day without it. I teach, I travel, I eat what I want when I want. I have a HbA1c of 6.3. Medtronic has a new one out now. I like the Medtronic because it sends the BG's right to the pump. Dexcom is very good. It will change your life. I do not understand how any type 1 diabetic today would not get one unless they couldn't afford it or they live a very regular life.

I agree with Maureen...they are life changing!!! I use the Dexcom and love it. I am able to live abroad and know how certain foods affect my BGs that I wouldn't have known before. I did have to fight my insurance to get it covered, but it was totally worth it!!!

I am excited to be getting the Minimed 530G. I’ve used a pump for 15 years, this will be my first one with the CGM. I have extreme lows at night, and have unexplained lows during the day, so hopefully this will enable me to live a more normal life.

I recently got the Dexcom (was released in Canada this past November) and I am SO happy I was able to get coverage through my work’s health benefits for it.

I was able, along with calorie counting and getting more excerise, able to get my A1C down from 8.6 to 7.6 in 3months.

It’s expensive, $400 for a box of 4 sensors (1 week per sensor they say) so I don’t wear it all the time. I try to save it for when I think it will be helpful.

The dexcom insert device is a little awkward at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad.

I highly recommend checking it out :slight_smile: Animas is distributing the Dexcom in Canada and they have the BEST customer service (in Canada) I have ever dealt with.