Considering a CGM

Hey all! I just went to the endo yesterday, and Ithey gave me some information about a CGM. I haven't really thought much about  it, and do not really know much about it either. I just wanted some advice. It sounds great, and they are pretty sure that my insurance company will cover it. I was just wondering what brand is best, and what are the pros and cons of getting one. I did some research online, but I figured the best advice would come from people who know first hand. Juvenation helped me so so much when I decided to get my omnipod, and that ended up being a great decision!

Each CGM comes with different benefits depending upon what you need. The only two I am familiar with is the Dexcom(which I have) and the Minimed (which I had). I mean if you aren't using a Minimed pump, I would suggest the Dexcom. I have found better ease of use with the unit. You don't have to charge the battery in the transmitter, the sensor sticks better, and the insertion process is a little easier.

Minimed, their system is probably a little more user friendly (not that Dexcom isn't). They have more or better experience in dealing with insurance companies, which is very important on some level. Yet at the end of the day, both are a very solid product.

i agree with everything brian said. if your insurance wil cover a cgm, definitely get one! i have the minimed, and have never tried the dexcom because i have a minimed pump as well. sometimes you can get a trial run with the cgms. talk to your endo about it, and let us know if you have more questions!

ok this sounds very interesting! but i am on the omnipod pump, can i use both?