Considering the pump and i have lots of questions

 Ok for those who have just got the pump within the last couple years was the change hard and was it worth it?   If you play sports is it easy to disconnect and reconnet.  Did it help you control your blood sugars and overall what do you think about it.

I got my MiniMed pump a few years ago. I was having an awful time with shots, as the insulin liked to pool at the site, consequently  causing huge swings from high to low. I also am very active; I run distance and swim. All the activity was very hard, if not close to impossible to manage on shots. With the pump I can exercise whenever I want. I do not wear my pump when I'm doing speed work or extremely hard runs. I usually disconnect 1 hour before I run, as long as my sugars are between 150-200. I don't like to start a hard run unless my BG's are higher than 150, because I have crashed every time. You will have to see what works for you. Ask your Pump Trainer and Endo. if they have a rule of thumb for exercise. My guess is probably not and you wuill have to test the waters for yourself.  I reconnect after the run, but decrease my Basel rate to 30%. Disconnecting and reconnecting is no problem. If out in it all day, say hiking, I keep the pump on and lower my Basal Rate slightly.

With that said, I have to say that I am very interested in switching to the OmniPod and Freestyle Navigator. From the research I've done, it seems that the OmniPod might make exercising easier since there is no tubing and you wear the pod in the water instead of disconnecting like the MiniMed Pump.

Overall, I really believe moving away from shots is the way to go if you are an athlete. You will have fewer lows and more control.

Good luck!



I have been on the pump for about 8 years now. I had the Minimed 508 series for about 5 years and I have recently upgraded to the Paradigm 522, also by Minimed. I have to say, it has been quite a transition from the shots to the pump, even after all these years. The fact of having something attached to you, almost like an iPod being permanently attached to you, is difficult, especially when you want to wear a bikini or tight clothing. I am still self-conscious about it. Also, I have built up a solid layer of scar tissue from continuously putting the pump in the same spot on my body. I can't really put it anywhere but in my stomach because the insulin does not absorb well and the needle hurts when it is inserted in spots other than my stomach.

Other than those two drawbacks, I have found the pump to add a lot to my quality of life. The pump makes it so much easier to control your blood sugar and to not stick to such a rigid schedule. I play softball very competitively so it does help me during my very busy schedule.

I hope this will help you some. I would be happy to answer any other questions that you have, too!

I have been pumping with a Minimed for 9 years and I also have one for my 4 year old daughter. They are great and I would never go back to shots. The control i have is unbelievable. They are work but they are worth it. I often don't even know I have it on because it is so light and I don't feel it. Plus I love not having to stop and take a shot whenever I want to eat. Disconnecting and reconnecting is very easy. i was just a local diabetes camp with my daughter and was talking to the people from minimed and they said their wireless/tubeless pump will be out in less than 14 months. With minimed I get to "trade in" my old pump for a new one every 4 years so now i can't wait to see the tubeless when it comes out. trading up may depend on health insurance, I am not sure about it. I have also had 2 very healthy pregnancies while on the pump. Good luck to you!

I juat climbed three mountains (litteraly) 3 days in a row. Being on the pump makes this pretty darn easy campared to shots where you have to plan a whole day in advanced the activity. With the pump, I start that morning, eating a middle range carb (hot oatmeal with jelly and rasins)/ protine breakfast. When I start hinking I lower my basal by 40 to 60% according to the incline then raise my basal almost back to normal for the for the decline. I take insulin if I eat more then 20 carbs at a time (like lunch during the middle of the hike.) In those three days I only had 1 low in the middle of a return, I treated it with a granola bar I was back in buisness in less then 5 minutes! When hiking my control is very tight between 76 and 150 because I react very quickly to food and insulin alike. (I guess I like the pump because it I can know all of these things)

As for disconnecting, nothing is easier, it is quick, and you may bve the only 1 that notices. On the last day I went for a little hike, the hike was so small that I never thought to lower my basal, and bottomed out! I got very goofy and had to treat a low of 48- numbers of which I rmember having alot more of when I was on shots. 

Each person is different on what they need to do, and the pump gives you that versatility- like the ability raise your basal rate 120% for the long drive home from the mountains =)

As for the change on to the pump. easy. Getting used to the cord, that doesn't bother me either, I've gotten it stuck on door nobs a few times, mostly it is pretty funny to me when it happens =) I can see the advantage and disadvantage to a cordless number though.

I just recently started on my OmniPod pump after 27 years of shots - and I feel like I have been let out of prison!  It is absolutely the most incredible change in my life! EVER!   Pushing a few buttons to take a shot now - it is unbelievable and totally fantastic! 

The only problems I have had has been when I go swimming - even just once - the adhesivde that holds the pod onto your skin starts to lose it's hold and I have to use bandage tape to keep it on.  If you swim like every day, I don't know how it would work.

My control is so much better now...I used to bottom out so easily and it would take a ton of sugar to get me back up.  But with the pump, it has almost completely stopped that.  I have had very few lows and even when I have, it has not taken very much at all to get my bs back up.  Also if it was close to a meal time and my bs was high I would just wait until I ate to take my shot but now I can just push a few buttons and take care of it any time with NO SHOT.

The Pod that sticks to your skin does stick out about half an inch so some contact sports might not work to well...I've heard that they are supposed to be reducing the size of the pods by about 40% with the next run and I'm looking forward to that!

Totally worth it not to have to take shots...I would never go back!

Best of luck to you!  Kathy

did shots for 20 years been pumping for 9. I will never go back to shots. I have a Minimed and so does my 4 year old daughter. The tubing doesn't bother me at all, and Minimed will be releasing a tubeless pump in about a year the local rep told me. I would find it very hard to go back to shots and have no regrets about switching to a pump. I don't worry about lows anymore and like the convenience of the pump. My sugars were never really bad before the pump but they are just that much better with the pump.  Sports aren't an issue either. i usually find a place to clip it or stuff it and don't disconnect at all.

I've been on the pump for 2 or 3 years and i LOVE it! i have the medtronic minimed pump! i really think the change was worth it because my BS's have been much better than they used to be when i took shots. its much easier to use than you would think and i love how you only have to change it every 2 or 3 days!

I play a lot of sport [gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming, etc...] and the minimed pump is REALLY easy to disconnect, you just unclip and then test your BS and hour later to make sure you don't need a correction of some sort!

Overall, the pump was a great choice for me and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!