Considering wifi device for child's cgm

Hi, all. We’re fairly new to this “new norm”. My daughter was diagnosed 5.8.18. Anywho, we got the Dexcom g6 in August but haven’t paired it with a wifi device for full potential. It seems like most people go with smartphones but I’d really like to consider something else for now. What has been useful for others? (It’s just our little peanut loses her reciever constantly.) Thoughts? TIA.

We bought a small, stretch, hip bag that holds my daughter’s receiver and phone (wifi device). She likes super heroes, so we went with an Etsy version instead of the SPI belt on Amazon. This keeps her receiver and phone on her at all times and in range.

We’ve only been using a G6 for 12 days, just FYI.

The rest of my setup is:

  1. An old Nexus 5 phone I had sitting around collecting dust. I installed xDrip+ on it. Locked it down and made rules to not use it unless she’s checking her BGs or snoozing an alarm. She usually uses the receiver just to check numbers.
  2. I bought a SIM card from FreedomPop and got the free plan (200 mins, 200 text, 200 MB). Added it to the phone so she can beam her CGM results when out of WiFi range (park, car, etc). This also allows us to call her if she needs to act on stuff while at school. Text once she’s old enough. She can also use the ICE option to call us if she’s in trouble or doesn’t feel good.
  3. I have Nightscout setup (optional). Its a personal site that collects the CGM data and we store our bolus, notes, carbs, etc in it as our log book that any of her caregivers can access.
  4. Our phones have xDrip as well and sync the data, including alarms and alarm snoozing. It helps my wife and I stay connected about her management.

If all this sounds overwhelming, let me know and we can connect privately about the details and see if you are up for the challenge (or cost savings vs buying new phones/plans). :slight_smile: