Constant Expense


How often do you get tired of the continuing expenses of T1? It is time to re-order pump supplies, more sensors, etc.  We have insurance but it seems like I pay-off one bill and it is time for another hit for the various supplies.


ps: I'm just venting a little:)

As I have no insurance and pay for everything out of pocket I think it sucks. Vent away! :)

I'm on a high deductable plan I have to pay my 10k out of pocket before the benefits hit.  GO VENTING.  I'm with yah.  I've found that if I ask my doctor's office if they have samples of my insulin and pills that I can get that from them I save myself something.

Every once in a while I think about all that I've spent over the years (not to mention all my parents spent when I was a kid)... then I get depressed and stop counting.  

I'm glad to be diabetic in modern times and have access to our good treatments, but I should could think of a lot of other fun ways to spend that money.  =)

I agree.  I wouldn't trade my treatment now compared to when I was dx'd in '78.  I made a rough estimate of my "out of pocket" expenses a few years ago.  I stopped adding after I reached $100k. Oh well, I would have spent it on frivolous things like golf clubs, mochas, or vacations:)!

I hear you. I am very lucky in that I have really great insurance, but even with that, my out of pocket is around $400/month not counting doctors visits and insurance premiums. I just got finished paying off my last order of pump supplies, and I just had to place another order. We always joke that I'm the only person in my circle of friends who meets their deductible in the first week of January. :P