Constantly tired

Hi everyone,
Haven’t been diagnosed that long, doing good with controlling my blood sugar levels everything is fine on that front. But I am always so fricken tired and I don’t understand why. No matter how much I sleep, what I eat, what my blood sugars are. Always tired and feeling run down. It’s not to the point where I am literally falling asleep, but it’s to the point where I just want to go to bed. And it’s pretty much everyday.
I don’t know if it’s just a part of being diabetic, or if its something else. I have a pretty active lifestyle but I do take time to just chill out too. Does anyone have any advice to battle tiredness?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Type 1 can be quite overwhelming mentally, so that may have something to do with it, just having to be on alert all the time. You’ll get used to that in time and it will just become second nature. But you haven’t been diabetic long enough for this to be causing your tiredness per se, so make sure to see your GP to get some blood work done to rule out anything that way. You may want to try a sublingual B-complex supplement, I think Costco sells one, or I order a methylcobalamin 5000mcg from Solgar from Amazon. Keep in mind that high BG, even if it’s just 180 or so, can cause some tiredness, so make sure to check your BG if you’re feeling lethargic and that can be it sometimes.

Thankyou. Tbh I’ve felt like it even before I was diagnosed, in fact I’ve felt like it for years and years. I’ve been docs about it but nothings really got sorted. And i guess i just pushed it to one side. I might have to go back. I guess if its been going on this long it cant have anything to do with T1.

I know how you feel- I’m feeling exactly like this at the moment too. I think diabetes is just generally mentally draining and stressful sometimes.

HI! check your friend requests. T1D from South Africa here. I also experience extreme exhaustion. apart from mental exhaustion it is also due to minimal intake of carbohydrates in our system. Insulin helps to break down the carbs and transport it to the cells for energy. and because our bodies don’t make insulin and only consume small amounts of carbs at a time, we are prone to exhaustion. Try speaking to your doctor about a supplement that is safe for a type 1 diabetic. Not sure if they have Diabion in the UK, but its worth an ask.


Another thing you might want to check for is sleep apnea. I don’t fit the profile of the typical apnea sufferer at all (overweight, middle aged guy with a thick neck), but it turned out after a sleep study that I had moderate to severe apnea, and I now use an oral appliance to reduce my apnea episodes from 29 per hour to less than 5 per hour. Made a huge difference for me.

Another thought could be low level depression. I agree checking with your GP, getting some bloodwork done is the best idea. Diabetes is challenging, whatever you do; be kind and patient with yourself.

I’ve been feeling the same! I have an appointment with my PCP coming up to discuss my near constant fatigue and also some depression issues. I would absolutely mention it to your doctor. Even though I’m newly diagnosed, I’ve found it’s always better to be safe than sorry! I hope things turn out okay!

I would definitely get a an overall blood panel done. Like you, I am lead a very active lifestyle. I have been Type I since I was 7 and several years ago I went to my Internist because I was suffering from extreme fatigue. She brushed it off as depression due to my diabetes and we tried several anti-depressants. When I started blacking out I asked for a blood panel and discovered I was severely anemic. I had to go in for a blood transfusion.

Hi hope things are going better for you. I was told to watch my caffeine intake before bed and also try melatonin that may help things also.