Consumed with guilt

For over two years now, my 18 yr old daughter has been dating a boy that we (the parents) aren't "fond" of.  Because of the way he has hurt her (emotionally) in the times past, we forbid him from coming to our house...

Tonight, my daughter called from work, crying so hard I couldn't hardly understand what she was saying.  She had just received news that her boyfriend's father, 39 yrs old, had drowned this afternoon.

I am so distraught.  I feel so guilty for being mean to this boy.  I don't know what to do...  Sad?- not even close to how I feel right now...  I can't imagine how the boy is right now...  I want to help him, but I don't expect him to accept...

Advice... Please

Kristi,I Am so sorry to hear this.Please do'nt be so hard on  yourself.    You were just trying to be a good parent and look out for your daughter. this is sad, I  hope  the  best for you all.


You are a parent!  We do what we feel we must to protect our kids... all of us.  Don't feel guilty.  And you can reach out to the boy.  If it's what you feel than you should try.

You can show support for a family in a time of need regardless of the past.  And your daughter would probably like you to be there.

Good Luck.  Lori