Contemplating a third pregnancy

I am new to this forum and hoping to meet some like-minded women who can offer some advice!  I am nearly 32 years old and have two healthy children, ages 2 and 4 months.  I did not get my tubes tied after my last c-section because my husband and I are on the fence about a third child.  My first pregnancy was stellar, a smooth ride with A1C in the low 6% range.  He was 8 lb 14oz at just over 38 weeks delivered via planned c-section.  My daughter was another story.  The pregnancy was a bit more difficult to manage, A1C in the 7% range, went into labor at the start of my 37th week - she was delivered c-section as well and weighed 8 lbs 15 oz.  She was rushed to NICU after delivery for low blood sugar management and rapid breathing.  She stayed in NICU for a week, which was really hard on everyone.  I feel as though I know now exactly what it takes for a healthy pregnancy, but I also have 2 children to care for.  I wonder if I would be pushing my luck by trying to have a third child in a few years, or would I be selfish knowing the baby could come early again?  I feel as though I would be able to control things better, knowing what kind of outcome can result from not having great control. Obviously there a lot of factors that contribute to the decision for having a third baby, and we have a few years to make those decisions.  But I am interested in hearing from other T1D mothers, and their experiences... especially those of you who may have had three children - or plan to.  Thanks!!