Continually Low

For the past few days I have been continually low, as in unable to get my blood sugar to stabalize higher than 70 - with a few severe highs thrown in there.

But lately, I've felt just... off. It's difficult to explain, but to sum it up I've felt "weird," plan and simple. I'm curious if this could be because I've been continually low? Has anyone ever experiend low, after low, after low and felt "off" because of it? Thanks :)

this is just a guess but it is probably because you are 15 in other words a teenager. your sugars could be perfectly normal for weeks but then out of nowhere they will do something crazy. hormones will do that.

Ugh tell me about it! I have to change my basal rates almost constantly! I can't keep up! But for me it is the opposite problem....continually high. Alyssa- would you like me to give you some of my bloodsugar? I've got plenty to spare!

Haha, we'll split them in the middle and share 50/50, Kelsey! That aught to even them out!

good idea! wouldn't that be cool though? if we could just swap bloodsugar untill we got a number we liked? haha

Today my sugar has dropped twice. So far. I just checked mine and it was 101 so there may be another low on the way. I have experienced and know what your talking about. I felt like I was in a fog one day because I had like 6 lows in one day.

Lows suck.  It definitely makes sense that you feel weird from all of them, I always feel strange/different if my bloodsugars are really off, especially lows.  Sometimes if I'm low I end up feeling depressed and overwhelmed with life, which is frustrating and scary, but at least those feelings go away once my sugar comes back up.  Has anyone else noticed that?

Also, I know this is obvious and stupid sounding but raise your basals a LOT immediately, BEFORE you go to bed and don't go to bed low!!  (Sorry this is like "duh!" but the last time I had many severe lows, two years and two days ago, I went to bed and in the morning my dad couldn't wake me up because I was so low in the morning.  REALLY bad experience and since then I've been much more careful.)

Raise them before bed?

hey Alyssa is it possible that the weather got a lot warmer, or you are less stressed for some reason? 

Well, I'm in WA - weather is seriously either/or. In the past two weeks we've had 60 degree days and 120 degree days, so. I wouldn't be surprised if weather has possibly played a part in this.

Less stressed? Not obviously so; I don't go around thinking I don't feel so stressed anymore. But I have recentley taken care of getting a cavity fixed and my endo appointment, both of which a huge stress-scenarios for me, so yes I think I am probably less stressed in reality.

wow, I meant LOWER them.  Raising them would not be too good..

I definitely feel off if I am having continual lows or highs. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere for me as well and they are the worst days every. When that happens to me I try to eat something small every couple of hours, check sugars and drink plenty of liquids.

You should call your doc if it happens often.

Hopefully it will pass.

Feel better.

When I'm continuously low (or high) I always wonder if I spaced out and took the wrong about of insulin! It's less likely on the pump, but even when I was on the pump, I was known to do it. But, now on MDIs, if I space out during my Lantus, it messes me up for 22 hours! I always tell myself I should focus more, but I go into automatic pilot, kinda like driving...

ive been continuously high except i went low yesterday after mopping.