Continuous Glucose Monitor - Minimed or Dexcomm?

Afternoon all -

I'm debating seriously on getting a CGM due to a wide variety of factors. My CDN recommended either the Minimed sensor (I have a Paradigm 722 pump) or the Dexcomm. The former because it pairs with my pump, the latter because of its ease of use and the low profile senor and stickiness of the bandage.

What one do you have? Which one would you recommend? Money is not an issue, but I certainly welcome that as a factor in your response.

Thanks all!

/ Michelle

I have read many discussions on several sites, and the Dexcom CGM rarely gets any bad publicity. The Minimed CGM works well for some people, but I have read many complaints about it. There is a Dexcom Users Group on one site that has more than 300 members. There is a lot of very good help given there. That is where I learned to get my Dexcom to work so well as it does now. The Dexcom is going to  combine with both the Animas and Omnipod pumps in 2011.

Since you are using a Minimed pump, the Minimed CGM would be a logical choice, and it would be less expensive. I am using the Minimed 522, but I chose the Dexcom as a separate unit, because I felt it would be much more reliable.

I can't say much about Minimed, but I can say that I love my Dexcom.  I do wish, however, that I didn't have to carry a separate receiver for it...  If I already had a Minimed pump and planned to stick with that brand, I think I'd trial the Minimed CGM.  Even if your current pump can't automatically pair with it, your next upgrade should.  (In fact, I trialed Dexcom because I have an Animas Ping, and Animas and Dexcom will be integrated.)

The most common complaint I hear about Dexcom, by the way, is that the alarm isn't loud enough.  I don't that problem, but it seems a lot of people do.  I have mine on "vibrate then beep" most of the time anyway, and will usually notice the vibration easily... even when I'm asleep and it's just against me.

The insertion isn't bad at all.  I was intimidated by the inserter, but it's not as complicated as it looks.  I also don't think it hurts any more than inserting an infusion set.  Well maybe, on average, a tiny bit more of a "pinch."  Everything seems to stay in place pretty well, though I sometimes dab a little Skin Tac on an edge a day or two before the sensor change is due.

Oh, and the accessories suck!  :p  The receiver comes with a rubbery skin (mine is gray) and a really ugly black canvas and clear plastic belt-clip case.  There doesn't seem to be any Dexcom accessories for sale anymore either, so expect to buy a cell phone case for it if you want to wear this thing on your waist... a small price to pay for technology I like, though.