Continuous Glucose Monitor research study

Hello everyone.  I was hoping to get some opinions.  My daughter is 5 years old, dx at 2 1/2.  At our last visit to the doctor, she put us in contact with a nurse that is conducting a reserch study on Continuous Glucose monitors and children between the ages of 4 and 10.  I am really interested in it because our daughters blood sugars are a roller coaster.  I think it might help us see trends and help us make more adjustments that would help bring a little more control to her BS.  Ultimately this will be her decision.  If we decide to give it a try & she finds it extremely uncomfortable or just isn't ready for it, we will not do it.

But, I would still like some opinions.  She has never used a pump (or CGM), so we are completely unfamiliar with insertion, wearing it at all times, and comfort for an very active, playful, and sometimes clumsy 5 year old.  She is also starting Kindergarten this August (the study is a 14 month process).  She is extremely confidant when it comes to her diabetes and never hides having to do sugar tests, shots, etc.  She explains to her friends what is going on, so I do not think that would be an issue.  A penny for your thoughts. 

Thanks in advance & Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there.

My e-buddy, Laura, is doing a CG trial with her toddler right now.  Here's her first opinion on the DexCom.

She is very sweet, and I would encourage you to contact her to talke about the pros and cons.