Continuous Glucose Monitor

Does anyone here wear a continuous glucose monitor? If you do, please let me know any information about them. What kind do you have? Do you like it? How often do you have to calibrate it? How does it feel wearing it? Just any information would be helpful! I looked at one a couple months ago during a diabetes management class and it seemed to me that the insertion needle was huge! I currently wear an OmniPod and so far really like it. Insertion is easy and pain free for me. But I worry the CGM insertion will hurt...? I am very small, about 5'4" and 90 lbs. Don't have a lot of fatty areas for insertion.

Hello! I'll give you some info. I have the Medtronic Minimed pump, so I use the Paradigm CGM, which goes with the pump. I didn't like it that much when I first got it (Feb. 2010), but I LOVE it now. I have been wearing it constantly for the last couple months and now I don't like being without it. It's comforting to know if your BG is going up or down and how fast it is doing so. It is also extremely helpful for your endo. Mine has a program called CareLink that allows me to email reports to my endo so she can see exactly what happens with my BG, and more importantly, she can see patterns. I tend to drop very low every day around 10am, so with the program, she can see this and lower my basal rate at that time to compensate. The insertion needle was scary at first. The one I use has to go in at a 45-60 degree angle. Now that I'm using it more often, I don't think it's so bad. It's just something that I suck up because using the CGM is so worth the scariness/pain! I have to calibrate mine every 12 hours minimum, but it is suggested that you do it 3-4 times per day. For me, it doesn't take the place of testing my BG. I still test around 10 times per day. You should see if you can try one out before making a decision.