Contour next one strips

Currently do not have the means to get my text strips I’m looking for any contour next one strips I’m also on disability and have very little money so if anyone can help it’s appreciated

@Hmonty26 Heather, contact Contour - visit the web-page and find a supply program card to use at pharmacies to get monthly supplies. Very inexpensively.
I no longer use the Contour Next meter, but I remember receiving that information packaged with my meter.

If you are strapped for cash because of having a Dexcom, then contact dexcom and they are giving free test strips with your order if you ask.

Only if you’re using the G5. They do not include strips with the G6.

I have some I can share. Contact me at

Incorrect. I have the G6 and the rep actually asked if we needed strips and lancets when we placed out last order.

No, I’m not incorrect. She’s on disability, which means she’s on either Medicaid, Medicare or both. Neither of those entities will authorize payment for strips if the patient is on the G6.

It’s worth asking. Contour strips are not covered by my insurance and they are not included on the bill.

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I stopped using my bayer contour next meter. I am using a nova max meter and strips which I can afford. Medtronic has forgotten about people who use cgms and insurance won’t pay for strips.