Contour USB Meter?


 I Posted several weeks ago about our Insurance company changing to Bayer or Accu-Check as preferred providers.   We have spent January testing out new meters and still having trouble deciding.   The AccuChecks are not really compatible with my son's lifestyle (coding/weight issues).  I thought we had decided on the Contour, but this weekend we had a very large discrepancy in BS readings between his freestyle and the Bayer.  This has been a consistent theme with the Bayer reading different from his Freestyle.

  Yesterday, a mom came to support group with the BAYER USB and I was curious if anyone has any experience with this meter.   There were a lot of post on Amazon about people having trouble with the software that lets you download.    I am really more interested in this meter for accuracy and daily use. 


I did try the Contour USB when I was first diagnosed, I did like that you could mark if it was before/after a meal, or no mark.  Its suppose to help when using the software, but I did have a hard time with the software.  I went back to using the Freestyle lite.