Control IQ - for younger kids?

Hello Fellow Parents,
Wondering if any of you made switch from Tandem Basal IQ to control IQ for your kids (in age group less than 10) and how is it working out for you. We have been thinking of upgrading but nervous about not been able to switch back to Basal IQ if any hiccups with Control IQ.


First, Kanika, welcome to Type ONE Nation. There is another parent here who just dropped into CIQ from the start. She is concerned even doing everything she can with the CGM+CIQ She is frustrated with the DISEASE, and the technology is new.
You have worked with BIQ & are learning its quirks.

If you are seeing the randomness of unpredictable ups and downs, they don’t completely stop with CIQ. CIQ has a learning and trust curve. Like the rest of this crazy illness, condition, or whatever you wish to call it, nothing will act as fast as we want it to act. For example, giving a bolus to correct a HIGH reported by the CGM does not act in 5-10 minutes. It takes time. Giving BIQ or CIQ time to act is not the parental thing to do. Parents want action NOW!

NOW, to your real question, Given what BIQ does for lows, CIQ does the same for lows and also watches for and acts on highs. It has three sets of watchdog points - CIQ, SLEEP ACTIVITY, & EXERCISE ACTIVITY. Those are the Tandem terms and used throughout the trusted literature.

I would suggest you look at a few other posts here on T1N in the PARENTING area. I know of one in particular. I am new enough, I don’t know the protocol of connecting three similar parents in close stages - - one thinking & one just entering & one soloing after having her hand held. I will ask @Joe, @Dennis, & @Dorie how to proceed. Guru’s please help.

Wishing you the best

Hi @bajajkanika. I guess my first question is why you are thinking of going to CIQ? Not that you’re doing anything wrong but your answer might give some guidance to potential responses.
I was pleasantly surprised on BIQ to find that it helped my highs, albeit indirectly: while it didn’t correct for them, since it adjusted for my lows I didn’t over-correct and send my numbers sky high. Of course there were other reasons for my highs and CIQ has helped although I won’t say it has gotten rid of all the pesky outliers. Chances are is an inaccurate carb count but I’m thinking for me it might be wise to check my basal rates a bit more often to rule out contributing factors. That’s just me and my experience.