Control IQ on Tandem: why can't we get Basal IQ back?


This question pertains to Control IQ on Tandem. I’ve read repeatedly (here as well as Tandem materials) that once you download the CIQ software onto your pump, if you change your mind you can forget about returning to just having Basal IQ.

Does anyone understand Tandem’s reasoning here ? It seems inflexible to me, and I have to think there is some reasoning behind it that I can’t figure out.

And … has anyone who switched to CIQ experienced any regrets ? Is there anyone on CIQ who just wants to go back to BIQ ? Interested in your experiences, as I ponder making the change.

Thank you.


@RMcM, a few people have told me that they would like to revert to BIQ. I’m happy with CIQ.

Now to your principal question. It is not so much a question of "Tandems reasoning ", or a Marketing decision, but rather a task of programming: writing a computer program to change what you have done to your Tandem computer (pump) to what will safety operate BIQ.

I heard that the reversal programming MAY be in the pipeline. It will require FDA sign-off.

Besides the complexity of having to design a program to reverse the upgrade, Tandem may simply feel that, because Control IQ INCLUDES Basal IQ, it isn’t really necessary. With Basal IQ there is no correction for high sugars, only low. So if the pump reduces your basal to zero for an hour, you are likely to have a high sugar some time later. My A1C went up on Basal IQ, although at least I was able to sleep through the night without interruptions from low blood sugars.

If Control IQ keeps your sugars lower than you would like, you can choose the “Exercise” activity to keep them higher. And if Control IQ is keeping your sugar higher than you would like, you can choose the “Sleep” activity to keep them lower. I am not sure why someone would want to revert. I would never go back.

I might be wrong but i thought that if you go into my pump tab then control iq and switch it off then you would go back to basal iq. Honestly I would not go back to basal just because of the fact that I tend to run on high numbers all the time and I don’t have the diligence enough to check my pump multiple times during an hour so the control does correct it for me specially when I’m sleeping so I don’t wake up in the 200+. Now I usually wake up anywhere from 100-150