Controlled Condition for T1D

I am still new to T1D (about two months). I am working on Carb/insulin ratio and it has been a struggle. My BG can be at 120 -130 before mean but it can spike to over 200 after mean with 1-2 hours. I am unable to exercise because sometimes even a short slow walk can causing a straight arrow down drop on my Dexcom. However, sometimes I walk for 15 minutes but the BG stays high. I just don’t understand why.

I want to reach a “Controlled” status as soon as possible. What is considered “Controlled”? Does it mean your BG can be maintained in-between medication for several hours without dropping? Does it mean A1C is under 7? Or does it mean if you can carb/insulin correctly, the before meal BG and after meal BG stays pretty close?

Any help or sharing of your experience would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Hi, Gigi. Have you tried taking your insulin at least 15 minutes before eating? And eat complex carbs. You may find that some carbs spike quicker for you.
Eat a good snack with some carb before heading out on your walk. Be sure to take glucose tabs or other quick acting carbs with you whenever you exercise. GOOD LUCK!It’s always a balancing act.

Hi Gigi,

don’t fret, I’m a T1 for 51 years and I’m still rebalancing my ratios. I generally have a 1:7 insulin/carb ratio, but throughout the morning, it’s a 1:6.8 until about 11 am. I also have a higher basal limit around dawn (1.0/hr from 6 to 11 am), ask your doc and CDE to explain dawn affect to you. With your pump, you should be splitting your injected insulin between basal and bolus, right? Also try the dual/square settings for meals. Take your meal bolus and split it so you get half immediately and the rest in 30 or 60 minutes, more like how a pancreas releases insulin as glucose levels rise after a meal. You may see your post prandial levels not shoot up so high. And btw, going up to 200 after a meal is ok a long as it doesn’t stay that way. I’d it does, you either need more bolus or basal.

Cherry is right, keep a food log for a few weeks. Time, what Food, number carbs, pre and post meal (2hr) glucose levels. After looking at the patterns, you’ll figure out the right levels for you! And then you’ll have to change again!

Good luck- feel free to message me for more of my experience

Hi Gigi. If you haven’t already done so I would suggest you consult a diabetes nurse educator and nutritionist. They should be able to give you guidance to help you figure out the puzzles.

Thank you everyone for your responses! It looks like to consult with a diabetic educator is key to manage between insulin and carbs. My doctor has scheduled an appointment for me to see a certified diabetic educator. Once I have the hang of it, I will share with you all.