ok, this is kinda weird, but cookies make my sugar go low. like in the 50s low. and yes, i bolus the correct amount.

anyway, does anyone elses sugar bottom out after eating something with a lot of sugar?

I think it's because cookies are high on the glycemic index so they raise your blood sugar a lot and then drop it fast.  The same thing has happened to me before, but never with cookies...Usually it'll happen if I eat something when I'm low - I'll go up to a great number and then plummet again.  Sigh.  Maybe you could try eating something less sugary that has protein with the cookies, like milk?

me want cookie!

me, too. like right now. seven of them. in a variety of types.

i smell a baking spree in my near future.

Wanted for questioning:

Don't you worry-Cookie Monster,I think we have 2 lawyers on Juvenation..ha..

my friend was doing a fundraiser for her daughter, and i bought 2 tubs of cookie dough...  i think i might have to put some in the oven!  eep!