Cool things for kids on pumps

Some other parents of kids with type 1 had told me how difficult the transition to the pump was for their kids so when Emmie decided to go on the pump I started to search for some cool things to get her ready like covers for the pump and accessories.  I came across some cool toys that were really a hit with her.   When she was diagnosed she told me that her bear Emma also had diabetes and she started to take care of Emma like I took care of her so I knew I had to find something for Emma.  I got her a toy pump for her favorite bear in pink like hers.  It is the cutest thing, the infusion set is velcro and the pump has a elastic strap to go around her waist.  I never knew this kind of product was out there.  I found it at 

I think it has really made our tranisition easier, does anyone else have cool stuff thay have found or tips they can share?

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)

hi Meg,  i don't have anything to add, so I am sorry about that,  but the story broke me up a bit - actually quite a bit.  there is something sweet and very sad about it.  maybe I am just emotional today.

when i was younger i had one of those bears but i never had a fake pump or anything i was only allowed to prick her with an extra testing kit i had and i filled a syringe with air and i would stick the bear with that too. for my real pump i had different skins. i had a blue minimed 522 and it was a pink cheetah sticker that went on the front and back. it was pretty cool.

My son liked picking out his PumpPak belts. One has a dinosaurs playing musical instruments and one is just black but fuzzy. Sometimes, depending on the weather/what his is wearing, he likes to change which one he wears. I recommend getting 2 right away, since you never know when a kid is going to spill on it, get it wet, or otherwise.

The difficult part of transitioning to the pump for my son was getting the infusion sets changed. We had a lot of screaming even before we were ready to insert the new one! So I resorted to bribery - he could pick out a prize - stuff from the dollar store - if he didn't scream or kick during the change. That helped quite a bit and now he only yelps just as the needle goes in. (It also helps that I've gotten a LOT faster at insertions.)

That's just way too sweet, in a ever so slightly heartbreaking way.  But also, really really awesome.

Joe-you are so sweet, I often tear up about things on here too.

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)