Copay cards

Hi my son was just diagnosed in October he is 2 years old. Since his diagnose we have been with anthem blue Cross blue shield and we had pay a 0 copay for his insulin. This month when I went to pick up the prescription they told me that it was 80 dollar copay for each of the insulins. I have been researching for some kind if help but humalog has nothing on Kwik pen 100 and lantus has a 0 copay card but to qualify you have to be 6 years old. Does anybody know of any program where we could qualify? We are in Tennessee I know 80 dollars is not near the price people with out insurance pay but between that,dexcom and bills of a hospitalization previously this year expenses keep on appearing out of nowhere.


hi @Mariajacks Maria,

I am sorry I don’t have more, but here is a link to the JDRF “Help” page for prescription insulin costs:

Sorry I don’t have more - good luck.

Maybe because it is the Kwik Pen? The vials and syringes are always cheaper, if less convenient.

The vials are still 80 dollar copay unfortunately