Coping Strategies

My name is Eliza and I have been a type 1 diabetic for 12 years. I have recently been interested in the coping strategies diabetics use to lessen the stress of type 1 diabetes. Other diabetics have suggested both meditation and talking to people about how you are feeling. I am looking to try different strategies to see which ones work best in my lifestyle. Is there anything you use and can suggest for my to try out?

Thanks, Eliza

One thing that helps me is to make sure my close friends are educated about T1D so they can help me when I need it. A subtle reminder from them to check my BG is really helpful! Also we do meditation at my high school and at first it was a little weird, but now it’s pretty nice to just relax with my thoughts and let the stress go! I hope this helps!
-Abbey (15)

hi Eliza,

fellowship is important to me. to me that means talking with people who understand and that’s one of the reasons this web site can be great.

helping others deal with diabetes. Believe it or not, I say the loudest what I most need to hear. If I help someone who is struggling with diabetes, i sometimes get a lot more out of it. I work really hard and I have a big family, so my time is limited, but if I can answer an email or respond to an online post, I feel better.

staying the heck out of my head. this one might be strange, but I put the most pressure on myself and so I am the source of most of my stress. a wise friend told me that they “don’t go there anymore” but I like to think of my head as a bad neighborhood - lock the doors and roll up the windows and try not to hang out there for too long.

I try not to judge myself or let my glucose meter judge me - the number is not a judgement, everyday I do the best I can, and tomorrow is another day.

cheers and good luck.

Joe- Stay out of my head is the best advice I think I’ve ever heard! I worry a lot by nature, so my head has gotten me into more depressed episodes than I care to admit! It is so easy to focus on all of the bad stuff. I think life is 90% perspective. Its easier to see all that is wrong rather than all that is right.

There is comfort found in yoga & meditation. It works for me. :slight_smile:

I love all of these responses. Sometimes I find my head is also my worst enemy. Another thing I find helps is focusing on just one thing. Something I’ve notice that gets me feeling overwhelmed is the downward spiral of blood sugar results. For instance, if I get one or two high readings in a row, I’ll start to think of every reading, and everything that’s involved in correcting every reading, and before you know it, I’m down the rabbit hole. When this happens, I stop. Take a breath. And remind myself that it’s just one reading. All I have to worry about right now is this one, single reading. Once I take care of this reading, that’s it, that’s all I have to do, it’s out of my hands. Once I test and eat, or test and bolus, there is literally nothing more I can do, so the stress of the responsibility is no longer on my shoulders. Think about it: if you had any more control than that, you wouldn’t have diabetes, would you? For me, that’s an easy reminder that I shouldn’t take on more responsibility, or fool my self into thinking I have more control, than the nature of the disease will allow.

Hope this helps!

All of this is great advice. Finding somebody you can talk to that “gets it” can be hard. This is where support groups can be amazing. Online or in person, knowing you are not alone and that somebody else out there either is having or has had the same exact worries as you can be very soothing. You’re definitely not in this alone! What Joe said is so true. Don’t be your own worst enemy. While it’s ok to be concerned and even to stress over it once in while, don’t let it take over your life. And I know that’s easier said than done! I find when I get overwhelmed I go to my happy place. For me, that’s the beach. But it can be anywhere. I just go and sit and make myself keep a clear mind and just enjoy where I am. Reaching out and asking for help is a great first step. I would be happy to chat with you anytime :slight_smile: