Cost of Pregnancy

Before I try to get pregnant, I am working on getting my A1c lower and my endocrinologist wants me to wean off my ace inhibitor (protecting my kidneys from diabetic damage) and test my blood pressure and urine at the end of June. I was hoping to come off my birth control and start taking pre-natal vitamins soon after that.
However, I was talking to my new OB GYN and she mentioned that I would have to see at least one of the group including: my endocrinologist, OB GYN and “high-risk doctor” once weekly and possibly multiple times weekly into the third trimester. This got me to thinking about how much I’m going to have to be paying in co-pays, etc. My insurance quotes $18,000-$25,000 for pregnancy and birth, out-of-pocket on average with our “good plan” through my husband’s work. With many more doctors visits, it looks like we might be paying a small fortune before we even start taking into account baby furniture, diapers, etc.
Bye bye new car…
I realize that money doesn’t all have to be paid all at once, but gradually over the 9 months, but I’m pretty overwhelmed!

Ladies (in the US) who already have babies: is my information inaccurate? What sort of fees/costs did you have to pay?
How many doctors/visits did you have?