Cost of Pregnancy

I’m not pregnant yet, but in the midst of planning. I was talking to my new OB GYN, who fortunately has dealt with many high-risk pregnancies, including type 1 diabetics. She was telling me that the usual recommendation is for the patient to see/communicate with one of their team including endocrinologist, OB/GYN and “high risk doctor” once weekly during the 1st and 2nd trimesters then possibly twice or more weekly during the 3rd trimester. I was looking at my health insurance coverage and they quote on average $18,000-$25,000 on average out-of-pocket for a non-high-risk pregnancy and labor. Right now if I call my endo for a consultation I’m paying about $45-$65.
Is it just me or does this sound like a lot of money? This doesn’t even include all the other baby expenses, my diabetic supplies, etc.
Did any of you experienced moms save up before getting pregnant? Did you have to borrow money or anything?
I’m having second thoughts about moving to the US from Canada!


My insurance covered all of the expense. I only paid a copay and minimal hospital fees. I saw my OB every two weeks till 30 weeks and then 1x per week till 34 weeks and then I was there 2x per week till 39 weeks.

It does sound like A LOT of money. Doesn’t really sound right to me. But, every insurance company in each state is different. So, I can’t really be of any help other than what I have here in NY.

I need that insurance! lol!

What I mentioned is the information I have found online. I guess I could call them, but usually they just quote back to me what I find on the website and then I just “wait and see” what I get charged. I do have to sign up for the Maternity program within the first or second trimester, which I think is like a pre-approval. They will give us a whole $150 back if I complete questionnaires and listen to their advice. Maybe that will also decrease the out-of-pocket cost for some visits. This is supposed to be a good insurance program through the large corporate company my husband works for but they often don’t cover my CGM sensors either.