Costs to operate

I currently use the Medtronic 540 pump with the Enlite CGM.
Insurance coverage has been great on my set and sensor supplies.
I’m now considering the Medtronic 670 and Guardian CGM, or the Tandem/Dexcom system.
Generally speaking, what’s the cost difference on supplies? Thanks

Hi @PJS. It should be similar if not exactly the same. You can look up the reservoir for the 670 and infusion sets, but honestly there isn’t a real difference even if the style changes a bit. You will have first time DME deductible costs with a new pump. Cheers good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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I don’t know but you may want to consider OmniPod. It’s considered a prescription instead of a pump, so we’re supposedly paying $0.00. I just got 3 today: $0.00 co-pay; $1,300 savings through Express Scripts.
You also get it sent to you from a pharmacy, so you don’t have to spend hours of your life on hold at a call center.

Hi Paul @PJS, “Cost” can mean different things - the price the manufacturer sets, or the $$$ that comes out of your pocket. Yes, discounts and/or insurance.

A long time ago when working, my Medtronic Store out-of-pocket cost was almost $400.00 per quarter for reservoirs and infusion sets. I retired when I reached 70, and now Medicare/United Health supplies me with both Tandem pump supplies and DexCom monitor supplies at $0.00 out-of-pocket.

Both the Tandem and DexCom representatives negotiated supply and cost for me; I suggest, that you approach Tandem and see what that company can negotiate for you. My thought, let the experts do the negotiation.

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Thanks Dennis, good advice.

Thanks! A challenge every four years or so.