Cough Drops


I have a cold and want to start using cough drops to soothe my throat, but there's no nutrional info on the packaging.  Does anyone know what the carb content is or have recommendations of what brands are best?

The brand I bought was Halls Mentho-Lyptus.  Any advice?  Thanks and hope everyone had a great holiday!!


check calorie king the have the carbohydrate content on just about everything.

I don't know exact amounts but I assume it's about the same as a hard candy.. I do know that sugar free cough drops exist as well :) Feel better soon!

I have a sore throat too today.. I picked up Halls Mentho-Lyptus cherry flavored throat drops. It doesn't list the nutritional value content on the bag, just to take 1 every 2 hours as needed. I didn't notice an increase in my blood sugar, though. So it should be OK, double check with your family doctor or endocrinologist.

I don't think there are significant carbs, as long as you don't eat the whole bag in one day.  :-)  I have used sugar free cough drops in the past without a problem.

I've used Fisherman's Friend brand without any problems.  Hope you're feeling better

Thank you for all of your far, I've had little trouble...wouldn't kill the manufacturers to place this info on the packaging!!

I'm just getting over Laryngitis/a cold.  I have been using Sugar Free Cepacol sore throat pain relief lozenges. They have helped me tremendously !!  I didn't have any blood sugar problems while taking them.

here's a link to their website

I use Ricola Sugar Free Green Tea with Echinacea cough drops. They are 100% natural and 7 drops has 1 fruit exchange, 2 drops is a free exchange. Go to for more information.

Just so you know, sugar-free doesn't mean carb free :((  I discovered this years ago after having been force-fed sugar-free russel stover chocolate turtles by my grandparents during holidays, opposed to "normal" (and much more delicious) candy.  

As far as cough drops and cough medicine here is what I have noticed. Most of the brands marketed for diabetics don't work or taste so god-awful you were happier being sick from the cold. I tend to take regular cough drops (halls or ricola) and good ol' nyquil. Both will raise my BS slightly. However, if used properly over the course of the day it is very negligible so I usually ignore it (maybe it will raise me five the whole day). On the other hand, the days I am truly sick,  I am running high anyways and giving myself extra insulin. On those days I figure the medicine is picked up with the temp rate I am running. It is nearly impossible for me to remain steady on sick days without medicine so I don't worry about it too much, figuring it is better that I get healthier than worry too much about BS.