Cough Syrup

So I am recovering from a horrendous cold that was accompanied by a hacking cough.  I used to have this type of cold all the time when I was a kid, but I wasn't diabetic then.  I've been lucky (knock on wood) that I haven't had this type of cold since my diagnosis 10 years ago, until now.  I went to CVS and couldn't find any sugar free cough syrup.  The cough syrups that were there had a ton of sugar and high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients but it didn't say how much sugar.  I wouldn't mind bolusing to take cough syrup but I didn't know how much to bolus.  Needless to say, I managed to survive my horrible coughing attacks with water and cough drops and Tylenol Cold medicine but I am wondering what other people do in this situation...  Do you know of any sugar free cough syrup?

I have seen sugar-free cough syrup in the pharmacy section at a local grocery store.  It was near the sugar-free candies, glucose tabs, etc. I also just googled it, and it looks like Robitussin has one:  Cough and Chest Congestion Sugar-Free DM. Hope this helps!

I don't look for sugar-free when taking cold medicine. I've always taken medicine based on whether it worked or not for me..not based on whether it was sugar-free or not. I usually am high anyways when I'm sick enough to actually take cold medicine(pretty rare, I usually just suffer through it and get in a day of nothing but bed rest and I'll be fine).

I usually take this herbal chinese cough medicine from the healthstore, it tastes like pure sugar, I used to beg for it as a kid cuz I love the taste of it, haha. I usually don't take any insulin for it, and just correct my sugars after.

All you really gotta do is be careful how much you take, which is why I try to avoid medicine(unless it's which case, except for that cough medicine, usually doesnt effect my sugars enough to notice). For NeoCritin, I take half a package with the regular amount of hot water, instead of the full thing...then take the other half later.

same here if i do take medacine, which i avoid as much as possible i pay no attention to getting the sugar free one

Coricidin HBP is for people with high blood pressure hence the HBP. That's what I use because it's one of the few medicines that do not say ask your doctor if you have diabetes. 

I usually take Delsym if I have a really bad cough and I've never noticed high blood sugar after taking it.  I also just read the inactive ingredients in Children's Dimetap and the very last ingredient in sucralose, after sorbital.  I think in small quantities that would barely raise your blood sugar. 

I use cough syrup called DIABETIC-TUSSIN. its great. probably at most drugstores

I tried the sugar free cough syrup only once, it was so gross! (of course this was years ago, maybe something better has come out?) I try to avoid cough syrup or liquid gel caps whenever possible. I found that Tylenol Cold is the only thing that does not raise my blood sugar, but if you are suffering take whatever works. My blood sugars are usually so messed up when I sick anyways.

I agree with Batts. I take what works for me. If my sugar goes up, I will deal with it than. I know at least most places like Walmart and Target have the diabetic tussin or something similar. For me though, I go with what works. Right now I have a hacking cough, which is driving me crazy. It is going on a week at this point. I sometimes take medicine for it, but I am trying to tough it out until it goes away. However, when I do take medicine it is of the brand I trust.