Could I be pregnant?

About a week ago my endo gave me Apidra to try and I don't know if it was that, or possibly pregnancy, but my post meal and pre breakfast/post wake up numbers have been over 200, and sometimes climbing.  I switched back to my trusty novolog this morning, wound up with one low, changed my target blood sugar range from 90-135 to 87-105 in order to try for even better control, but breakfast and lunch were met with more highs almost an hour afterwards, I've even decreased my carb ratio by one twice in the last few days and increased my basal by .025 today.  We've been TTC for a while now and this past cycle I used Clomid for the first time and an opk, pinpointed my O and you know the rest...around what I perceived to be the right time and right amount of times.

My question is, could this be insulin resistance due to pregnancy?  Or does it not exhibit itself this early?  If I'm pregnant, I'd be 3 weeks along and won't know for sure until after November 8th when AF is expected, but most of the posts I've read, you guys don't get insulin resistance until later on, it's usually unexplained lows, so I'm not sure.

When I was first pregnant (about 2-3 weeks along), my insulin need increased dramatically.  I had a few post meals over 200 and it was hard to get them to come down.  I would look at increasing your basal rate for the pre breakfast/wake up times as much as you can without going low (it will take some practice, but I would say to increase by .05 -.10 each time).  It might help to start testing your glucose at 12 am and 3 am and see if they are starting to go high then.  During my pregnancy, I've had to be really aggressive with my basal rate and carb/insulin ratio changes.  One day I can be 120 1 hr post-meal and the next day I'm over 200 at the same time with the exact same meal.  

Once I found out I was pregnant, I set my high and low threshold for my CGM pretty tight.  My low is set for 65 during the day and 68 at night and my high is set for 140 during the day and 120 at night.  That way I can catch any changes that may be needed to my insulin/carb ratio or basal rates quickly.  

Thanks. I lowered my carb ratio to 9 to 1 and started using my dual square wave bolus for meals with protein or fat. My basal is .5 more than normal and that seems to be working a little better. If I corrected the highs against the active insulin advisement I would wind up with a low! I don't know how I can sky rocket to almost 300 within an hour or so of eating then slowly fall back to normal without the dual square wave. I really am hoping it's pregnancy this time, but I had two days of sugars behaving so I don't know. Bought the cheap tests to be ready for next week though!

Let me know the results!  :)

Heather that is so strange my name is Adriane and I have been a T1 for 26 years now and on the pump for 4 months I can say that I am truly blesses because before getting on the pump my A1C's where usually 14 and 15. I went to the doctor 2 months ago and was already down to a 9. I am 27 years old and engaged my fiancee is also a T1 for 18 years and we both really want a child.  I have tried Clomid and didn't quit do it right (I think) and also the ovaulation tests but nothing has seemed to work in our favor.  However, I am now about 13 or so days late for my period and I have started to notice changes in my sugars. About 2 day ago my sugar was roughly 135 befor I went to bed and I still had about 2 active units of insulin. I woke up the next morning and felt terrible my sugar was 400 and it also did something like that last night? ODD! I took a pregnancy test early on and it came out negative. I just do not want to det all excited and I really not pregnant. The late period has happen to me once before but never the jumps in my diabetes.  

Has anyone else had any experiences similar and ended up pregnant? Keep us in you all's prayers and I will definitely keep You'll posted!!! Hoping for the BEST!