Could or did T1 effect my personality?

Well when i graduated from high school the school gave us our permanent record/file or w/e well from 1st to 5th or 6th...I was really talkative and would never shut up or sumthin....well i told my teacher that i have had for the past 3 years and she was like no way how is that possible....well my question is... did diabetes mellow me out or sumthin?Oh and  I was diagnosed at the end of my 6th grade year(wondering if its just pure correlation)

My view of that would be that it's probably not the disease itself, but the psychological effects of living with it that could have some effect.  But keep in mind, the personality doesn't really become set until around age 30 - and there are many, many things in life that can alter it, diabetes aside.

I know it's quite early to say, but diabetes hasn't changed my little girl. She was dia. at 4 and now is 5 and half. She is still the reckless crazy smart mouthed little brat i've always known and loved :) It has changed me and my wife massively though. But we don't suffer the hell that is diabetes. Honestly, I hate diabetes, I have serious heart problems and need a transplant in the next few yrs and I think what I deal with is easier than what my daughter goes through with T1D. I don't reveal my hatred for T1D to my daughter tho so it doesn't effect her..

the only real change my family saw was that i went from being a crazy, hyper, moody little girl to being more mellow because my bloodsugar was more controlled. my brother used to call me the devil child. he thinks it was cuz i would get moody, so they'd give me candy and then i'd go crazy...because unknownly they were giving a diabetic a lot of sugar and i was going high..and then i'd crash again and throw fits and scream and they'd give me more candy and i'd go crazy again.


i agree with kim a certain point, its more the psychological than the actual disease.

It's psychological.

I used to be shy and not very confidant- but after i was diagnosed (and went to camp) i became a shining out-going, fun loving person that I still am today.