Counseling for T1 child?

Our six year old daughter was diagnosed one year ago. She uses a mini med and an enlite sensor. She has always had the weight of the world on her shoulders, but talk of death has become an almost daily topic.

She especially talks about death before bed, asking questions about how low her BG could go before she dies, what heaven is like, etc. We have tried to be open but gentle with her and she doesn’t seem very scared. Is this pretty normal territory with T1 or do you think we should call in the pros?

My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 11. My daughter does see a therapist and does take medication which seems to be an enormous help. We were having a few of the same issues until a therapist was recommended to us. I was trying to do it alone also. I still wish I had been more aggressive in the beginning but am grateful for her being in a better place. There seems to be a stigma with a therapist but I had to put my daughter first. Does she always enjoy going…No.
Will she admit that it has made a difference…Yes:) If this is something to look into please be aware that the first therapist is not always the best fit for your daughter. We found “gold” in our 3rd therapist:) I have also learned to let go and allow her to make mistakes with her illness! I hope this helps!

I have a 14-year-old son, who was recently diagnosed with moderate to severe depression, because of his T1D. This completely caught us off guard and took us by surprise. He appeared to be handling his diagnosis, of nearly four years, very well. There is a stigma, and it is very difficult. He is seeing a psychiatrist and was recently put on meds, which I fought, because I did not want him on anti depressants. He is doing much better now and the therapy and meds are helping tremendously. We also had to try a few different therapists before finding a good fit.