Counting Carbs and Fiber

I have read a couple of articles that say when counting carbs for diabetes that you should subtract the amount of fiber from the carbs and use that number as the amount of carbs eaten. Does anyone do that?


Yes I always do that and it typically is correct. That’s for me anyway.

Thank you, Scott T. My daughter is always still hungry after her meals. By doing that it will allow her to have a little bit more to eat.

If she still hungry after she eats I would suspect that you could feed her more and just give her a bit more of a bolus. I mean, I don’t starve myself and don’t over eat I just say she myself and then count the carbs minus the fiber and give myself a bolus based on what I’ve eaten.

No one should still be hungry after they be eaten lester not eating enough.

Hi @AbbisMommy03,

I never subtract the fiber from what I am eating. I’ve never really gone low from taking a full bolus for fiber either. I would say you can test it out to see what happens. She shouldn’t feel full after eating unless he hasn’t eaten enough obviously! You can try adding in some free-foods to her meal to keep her stomach full.


So you can see it works differently for everyone! Most the time fiber that is in food is in the form of cellulose which is basically ground-up wood. Since I don’t consider wood to be a food source I don’t take the bolus for it.


We are a NON - GMO household so hopefully we aren’t eating ground up wood or other crazy materials that they put in food these days!! ugh… Don’t get me started! lol

I always subtract fiber. In the hospital I was told to subtract half of the fiber, if it’s above a certain threshold. I did that for a few months. Then I realized I was always going low after eating anything with a large amount of beans (which have the highest fiber content of anything I eat), so I started subtracting all fiber all the time, and I’ve found that works much better for me.

Ps. As far as I know, GMO’s have nothing to do with fiber or cellulose content.

If you look at some products cellulose is in the ingredients and that’s the only fiber content you can find.

GMO’s have nothing to do the fiber. I just think they’re not good to eat. But that’s my personal opinion and my personal choice.

Actually, the more I thought about it the more I’m beginning to think that you should count the fiber as part of your carbohydrates.

Like I indicated before I never have and I’ve always subtracted the fiber from the total carbohydrates and making my bolus calculation.

However I started looking at packages that had a lot of fiber in them like oatbran. So even though it has 6 g of fiber and 25 g of carbohydrate in total when they do the calculation for total calories they take the total carbohydrates and they don’t met out the 6 g of fiber as part of the total caloric value.

Anyway, I guess I’m going to have to do a little more research on it because maybe I should bolus a little more.