COVID-19 fears

How is everyone dealing/feeling about the current pandemic we are dealing with? I just worry about my health and if my medicine will still be available if things to worsen.

Hi @emyy01 Emily and welcome to TypeOneNation. Honestly, I’ve been only going out when necessary, and since work has suspended travel I don’t need to go anywhere anyway. I try not to panic because that never ever helped me or solved any problems. Anxiety is a problem for me so I exercise. Have faith that critical supply will be maintained and do your best not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk, which right now appears to be if you limit your exposure to coughing and sneezing people.

The JDRF response page is here:

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Having been a type 1 for 60 years, I have been through many flu/cold seasons and survived. I do everything I can to avoid hospitalization because I have worked in a few hospitals and know how little some providers know about T1 DM. I fear their mistakes almost as much as I do the virus. Although I am following all the recommended precautions, my husband is a plumber and has continued to take care of residential emergencies, so I fear what he may bring home. He says he is following the rules, too. In general this virus has forced everyone to make a major lifestyle change. So be it. Take care everyone!

@emyy01 Hi Emily and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you will find answers, and some comfort, from others like you who are trying to live well with diabetes. Very good information for people with diabetes is posted, and up-dated, on our parent-webpage,

For me, my “actions” to avoid being infected by this virus, is the recommended “social distancing”. Being a social-being, this can be trying. Other than on on-line volunteering, I have finally decided to put-aside my other volunteer activities until a sufficient time after the “all-clear” is sounded.

Yes, it is very wise for you to be concerned, and follow recommendations.

As for Insulin and other medical supplies, I am NOT concerned. All major insulin manufacturers have published notices that supplies are plentiful and that there is not any reason to suspect interruption in manufacture. I’ve received direct email from my pump and sensor suppliers and manufacturers that there will not be interruption in delivery.

When it first started I noticed my blood sugars were high for days. Then we realized that it was probably me stressing from this pandemic. My family has definitely helped me calm down and I have gotten my bg back in control. I do have a lot of anxiety but I really hope this virus will be over soon. My parents ordered many diabetic supplies just in case so that I have months worth of supplies. I do worry about everyone not getting insulin but I hope it won’t come to that. Stay safe everyone!

I was handling everything pretty well at first. Concerned, but taking a practical, one-day-at-a-time approach. I figured out how long I could last with the supplies I already had, stocked up on sick-day needs (like soup, popsicles, tylenol, etc), and went on with my life as best as any of us can right now. But I’m getting more and more worried the longer this lasts, particularly because I’ve been trying to get in touch with my doctor and haven’t heard a peep from her.

I started using the Omnipod in February and right as MA was shutting down I noticed a pattern of high blood sugars on Day 3 of each pod. I spent most of a day on the phone with a nurse at the Joslin Center (about 2 weeks ago, now) and we decided that I should switch out the pods every 2 days, but my script is for 10 pods/month, not 15. She mentioned that my doctor wasn’t there because almost everyone was working from home but that she’d send a note to ask her to write a new script. A week later I wrote to my doctor myself because I never got a confirmation and I’m worried about running out of pods, but I still haven’t gotten a response. I’m going to try calling Joslin on Monday, but it worries me that I haven’t gotten any e-mails from them about what to do for prescriptions or my upcoming appointment (April 6th). I’ve gotten e-mails from everyone and his uncle about how they’re coping and protecting their staff and stuff. But nothing from the hospital that’s been treating me for 25 years?!?!?

I can feel myself getting more anxious as I write this. The rational part of me knows that I have a decent supply of syringes and Lantus and a few unfilled prescriptions for each, I think, so it’s not the end of the world if I have to switch back. But it’s been such a roller coaster learning how to use the pod; I don’t want to have to start all over.