Hey y’all! I know there’s a lot of confusion and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, especially for PWD, so I just wanted to share this resource from the JDRF website.

Stay safe everyone! I’m here if anyone is feeling anxious and wants to talk.


Thank you for the post Abby!

Thank you for sharing this link. I have a question about how other people are dealing with a supply issue, specifically alcohol wipes. I normally buy them at Costco in a four hundred pack for around $4. Costco is out. Target is out of both wipes and plain isopropyl alcohol. I almost bought an 800 pack of wipes on Amazon for $16 but found the item was unavailable before I could execute the order. How are other people dealing with this?

@HSGerber Hi Heather and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you may find here useful tips for living well with diabetes, and also offering your suggestions and what you have learned about diabetes.

I’m not sure for what purpose you need alcohol wipes or if you can conserve those which you already have. I know it is “practice” in doctor offices to overuse alcohol swabs and wipes and we just kind of follow along. Washing with soap and water should usually be plenty except when we are away from fresh water. For instance if you read the insert that came with your Blood-Check Strips, you will see instructions to “wash with soap and water”, not alcohol, before sticking a finger. The same should follow for poking in an insulin needle.

The only thing I usually use the alcohol wipe for is changing my transmitter from one glucose sensor to the next.

A coworker told me that some pharmacies are keeping a small stock of alcohol prep pads behind the counter (as opposed to on the shelves) so that individuals who actually need them, like diabetics who need to prep pump or CGM sites, can get them. I haven’t tried it yet since I’ve still got at least a 2-month supply. If you try it, though, I’d appreciate an update. (Especially if it works!)

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I’ve been approved for Dexcom G6 and Control IQ. I finished the online training and my doctor sent the rX only to be told my transmitter battery must be out of warranty, which Dexcom said would be late April - although my doctor said to let them know as soon as I get a low transmitter battery. The warranty makes perfect sense, but given the situation with Coronavirus/Covid-19 I’m going to see if they might allow me to switch over sooner. I’m thinking having the system adjust for me may be more accurate than the corrections I make myself, which are sometimes off. We’ve stocked up on durable foods but if it comes to a truly worst case scenario (I always tend to contemplate along those lines to be ready just in case) it would help me to know the system is keeping me stable. I know I do need to do the work though.

We asked the endo to call in a prescription for alcohol prep pads, as they were wiped out from all the stores here, too. We were able to get 3 boxes from CVS with a script.

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I only use alcohol (swabs) for CGM sensor changes. Sometimes I throw one in the trash after swabbing my skin, and have to open another for my transmitter - out of precaution I’ll have to remember to clean the transmitter then my skin before tossing it away. For injections I just use soap and water.
By the way, I use hand towels at home but disposable paper towels are probably a better practice. Sometimes it takes a couple to get dry, but I read one time that if you shake your hands very hard 9 or 10 times it should remove enough water that 1 paper towel should do the trick.
Stay well all!

I bought a box from walgreens but their stock is low. My daughter uses soap and water at home and when we are out and she cant access a bathroom she uses a alcohol pad

I am extremely anxious.

Hi all. I just wanted to share: I get weekly allergy shots, and checked with my doctor to see if I might be able to self administer them. She said that would be fine, and when I went yesterday she gave me enough “brew” for the next 4 weeks so I don’t have to set foot in the hospital where her office is located. If you take allergy shots ask your doctor if you can do them yourself for the time being.
I was scheduled for a follow up visit with one doctor to discuss some blood work, and when I left a message a few days before my visit to see if we could do that by phone on the date and time rather than me come in (she is also at that hospital) she called me back and we discussed them that same day. Doctors may be more open to doing phone or video visits, so if you’re concerned about going out give them a call.

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I am new to this forum and am wondering about pump supplies. So far I can still get what I need from the pharmacy but I worry if people start stockpiling infusion sets the way they are stockpiling toilet paper it may become an issue. Anyone have any insight into what would be prudent?

I would imagine you’re still limited by insurance to how much you can get at a time. Even if you buy out of pocket I would think pharmacies would limit view much a person can get at a time. Just a theory.

@ddornan Hi Dan and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum!

I have received e-mail notifications from both Tandem and Medtronic advising me that there is not now, or foreseeable future, any supply-chain interruption.

Don’t do any unnecessary stockpiling and mess up the ‘normal’ flow of materials. Think of other people.

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Hi Dennis,
Thanks for following up on this question. I couldn’t agree with you more, hope people are reasonable.