COVID Vaccine Prioritization - T1 vs T2

Hi Everyone - I live in Massachusetts - and found out that only Type 2 diabetics will be receiving the COVID vaccine in the early phases of distribution.

This seems to be treated differently across the board. Mass is following CDC, which is not classifying T1 as high risk. NY State is including T1 and T2 in the same category.

I also saw the JDRF is advocating for us to receive it earlier. I’ve tried writing letters to the Mass Dept of Public Health, governor’s office, covid committee, and reached out to Joslin which is right here in Boston.

I’ve been erring on the side of caution and seeing very few people - if any at all - and I think it crushed me a bit to find out I would not be getting the vaccine for months, when I originally thought it could be this month.

Are your states giving you access to the vaccine early? Any suggestions for getting the word out to advocate for us?

Also - I know the risks are different for T1 vs. T2, we truly have very different diseases, but I have been a bit spooked about stories I have heard. T1D’s with no previous kidney disease going into COVID induced kidney failure - as young as 30. I just heard a few of these stories from people I know, and can’t seem to shake the fear.

What have you all heard regarding our risks? Does Massachusetts have it wrong?

There are a couple of posts re the COVID vaccine where people have shared their experience getting it - from what I’ve read it’s mainly soreness similar to a flu shot but people may post updates there as time goes on. I pulled up something online and here’s what was posted for my area - apparently you have to look deeper to see if diabetes falls under their definition of high risk.

I absolutely agree with you. We have seemingly been left out. DPH in Mass is running by their own rules. I too will write to them and ask where we fit into the their role out. I have an appoint with my endo next week and see what he has to say.
As I am 65 with type 1, I should be in the next round but they seemed to have created a sub category for 65 with underlying diagnosis and left type 1 out.
Thanks for putting it out there

Thanks Anne! Where is your endo based out of? Mine is MGH, and I reached out and was told there was nothing they could do. I also reached out to Joslin - I’m not a patient there - but sent an email. They seem to be on board with us, and are trying to convince DPH to change this. Let me know what you hear from your doctor.

I saw a notice on V news here in Cleveland, OH saying that ONLY T1 patients that were treated in a hospital in the last year would be served sooner, others need not apply.

In Florida, each of the 67 counties is allowed to set rules, as long as vaccine is given to ONLY those over 65- The only state exception to the age 65 requirement is for front-line medical workers and people in long-term care facilities. Proof of Florida residency was added after to many grockles crawled in from the cold and even from other countries.

Walmart was cited yesterday for permitting people with certain disabilities who are not at least 65 to register for appointments.

I have read twice in the news about a published article showing that Type Ones actually are more at risk from Covid than Type Twos. The study was done in the UK.

In Georgia — working on getting daughter scheduled for vaccine. 17 y/o T1D. I am entering as caregiver to 84 y/o grandmother as she and I (mom) both drive and shop for her. I got my 1st shot two weeks ago. I am 55 y/o. Just wish i had signed her up at the same time. Wasn’t sure i would be able to do it for myself and then 10 mins later all appts booked!

But i SO agree — T1Ds should be priority! Who made such a lame brain decision for such a susceptible group!

Hi Kerri, I’m also a T1 in Massachusetts. I’ve written emails to Governor Baker, Senators Warren and Markey, US Rep Pressley and State Senator Chang-Diaz requesting help in pressing the matter with Governor Baker. I also emailed my Endo in Joslin and my PCP at Brigham. I’m hoping that as a collective we can apply the pressure needed to change this mistake! One thing that I wish it was clear in the latest YouTube JFRF video and blog post is if there is a clear follow-up response date for Dr. Gregory’s presentation to the CDC or the letter JDRF sent directly to CDC. There must be some sort of acknowledgement and ETA to when the new evidence will be decided as valid enough (or not) to change the guidelines. That also goes with any efforts within MA. Anyone has any info about that?