Craaaaazy day for bg

so yesterday my blood sugars went wild. at one point it dropped down to 40 and I ate, and a few hours later it was really really high, and I dont have highs often at all. so, I took correction and it was dropping, and got back down to like 130, but then it shot up again to like 400. I took correction again and just a few minutes later it was 50. I changed meters, thinking maybe it was a malfunction, but I still felt really really bad the rest of the day and I am still kinda feeling the side effects today, even though my sugar is back to normal. has anyone else had any days like this? I've had d for 7 years and neeever experienced anything like that until yesterday. I get really scared when stuff like that happens b/c I know it will be really bad for me later on in life. But was it just a really weird day, or does kind of thing happen to everyone?


I have days like that. I dont have an answer for you but it really drags you down for the rest of the day. Its horrible. I worry about days like this when i start school again. It's rough on the body to keep going from high to low all day. 

I definitely agree. I actually laid out of school today b/c I didn't want to be struggling with highs and lows there and I needed a day to recoup. haha

ive been having more than a few days like this lately. its really frusterating my blood sugar goes up and down sometimes and i get discouraged because i cant fix the problem.

everyone has their bad days! if you have one bad day thats okay. i always tell myself that im going ot have a much better day tomorow! :)