Cramping 6 days before Period?


I have been TTC for almost a year now. I can predict my P very accurately and almost to the time it will start. Some months we use the ovulation sticks and sometimes we dont. Either way, my cycles are very regular. Anyways, so I am due to start on the 19-20th and I started having cramps yesturday, a whole 6 days before I should start my P.   I still have them. They are not like the cramps before I start, usually I only have these severe cramps the night before or the day of my P. So these are more mild, aching  I guess.  But they have been fairly constant since yesturday. I also have been really tired. So my question is, has any one ever experienced this? I have read that these could be due to implantation?? And that cramping can be a very early sign of pregnancy.

I seriously do not want to get my hopes up again, since it has been a year of trying! But I cant help but wonder if just maybe I am pregnant finally?? Since my period symptoms dont ever start this early, I am curious as to why I am cramping.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Also how early can I test? The ovulation calendar says I can check tomorrow?  which is 2-3 days before I should start my P. But having done this for a year, I dont know if I should, since it has always been a let down!!   Also tomorrow is my 3 year wedding anniversary, so if it is pos that would be awesome but if not, it could potentially ruin my day! haha

Anyways, thanks for any input!


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Hi Emily,

Just wait it out. Early PT tests do not always work and can lead to false disappointment. So…if the day your due…and nothing comes, wait at least five or six days before taking a PT test. Wait it out girl. For me…waiting and seeing my monthly visitor was less disappointing then starring at the negative test. Always made me feel worse…

Yes, I swore I wouldnt test early anymore and I havent in like 6 months, I would rather just start than see another negative test!  Thanks


I would just wait it out. I know its been a long road, and I really hope you are pregnant... but sometimes reading about symptoms of pregnancy can play tricks on your mind and you actually think you are having them when you aren't. It will be better for you in the long run if you just wait till you don't get your period then you will know for sure. Especially since you said you are pretty regular.

That is actually why I even used a pregnancy test when I found out because I was late 3 days and I am NEVER late!  


I agree with everyone and you have seen that it's been a long road for me as well! I would much rather see little red fred visit than another stupid negative pregnancy test. Crossing my fingers it is your turn! ; )