Crash after Mucinex?

This is my first cold since being diagnosed with type 1. Last night, in an effort to get a good night’s sleep, I took Mucinex Cold and Flu Night time (gel caps). I’m on multiple daily injections, so at 9 PM I tested my glucose, which was 125, injected my normal Lantus dose, and took the Mucinex. At first I thought I was getting sleepy as expected. But then, it started to feel like more than sleepiness. I got up to use the restroom and could barely walk down the hall. When I tested my glucose at 10 PM, it was 39.

So, in summary, my glucose fell from 125 to 39 in a 1 hour period. During this time, I had 0 active fast-acting insulin in my system. I also had not exercised really at all that day (on account of the cold). The only thing that was really new here was the Mucinex. Does anyone have any experience with a drug reaction like this?

Unfortunately, now I’m afraid to take more medicine, even though it did do a really good job taking care of my cold symptoms. After I treated the horrific low feelings.

hi @cmanton,

diabetes is a science experiment, so there may be a ton of people who do this all the tine with no interactins and then there might be those who have had serious interactions.

Mucinex C/F is only noteworthy for containing acetaminophen (active ingredient in Tylenol) and phenylephrine, which can act onyour nervous system and knock you out a little. and another component that acts like benadryl, an antihistamine.

There are those who have observed interactions between insulin glargine (Lantus) and acetaminophen, for some it can make you more sensitive - which could cause a low blood sugar.

sorry you were sick, when I am sick I usually can count on things not being what they usually are, blood sugar roller coasters, etc. One thing I don’t do anymore is take a new medicine and then go to bed. If you can, if you are taking a new kind of medicine, try to do it around lunch so you can check more and see what it’s doing to you.

cheers hope you feel better!