Hi Everyone!

Just wondering if I am the only one out there that has terrible cravings for sweet stuff and carbs.  I have always had a "sweet tooth" so to speak, but I swear it has gotten worse since I was diagnosed 2yrs ago at 26.  Anyone else have a similar problem?  I am wondering if it may be a side-effect of the insulin.


Hi Katie

I'm with you on this one, i get cravings for sugary foods too and it seems like its gotten worse as i've gotten older. I'm only 17 but it seems like in the past couple years the cravings have gotten more intense. It's the worst when i'm with friends or family that are eating the sweets. Thats an interesting take on insulin, i might ask my doctor about that...


i don't think insulin causes cravings for sweets (though i don't know for sure). although, it is shown that the more you restrict yourself of foods, the more you will crave them. are either of you denying yourself sweety goodness? sometimes, just letting yourself have the food you are wanting will get rid of the craving. by denying ourselves what we want, we have a tendency to think about it constantly and then overindulge in it.

just my thoughts :o)

i try to restrict sweets because i feel guilty after i eat anything in that category, that goes for fast food as well...

why do you feel guilty? we have to eat to live :o) food should be enjoyed.

Hi There!

Thanks for the comments!  Nope, I definitely don't restrict my sweet eating.  If I did, I would go nuts!  Yes, I watch how much and how often I eat it, but I do indulge.


I have the same problem...just today I was craving a milkshake and ended up buying the largest size possible from McDonald's.  Man, it was good!

But I could feel myself gaining weight as I drank it and it made me feel guilty too.

I am starting this nutritional and weight loss system that I hope will help because I have to do something different!  It already makes me feel so much better, now I just need the weight loss part.


i get cravings quite often. more before, during and after my for a three week period(UGH! haha). i also find the less active i am, the more i crave them..and the higher my blood sugar..the more i crave them(which is weird cuz i used to HATE eating when i was high..)!

i'm trying to get myself out for at least a walk a day, to try and stop that..but i don't have much energy(probably from all the cravings) to do it everyday!

what's really annoying about diabetes though, is that hunger is a SYMPTOM of having HIGH bloodsugar!!! so at the time you least want to eat, you feel like you have to. What really works for me when i have cravings for sweets and i'm high is, eating some yummy vegetable like carrots with ranch dressing (which is carb free). so you're not hungry or risking really high bloodsugar. I mean cupcakes definitely trump carrots and ranch in taste but when i eat helthy all the time and then i have a poptart or something, it feels like im not missing much. i think it just takes time. and it's easier if you don't have junk food around you all the time, which i do a lot.

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