Creating a whatsapp group

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are creative today. I start by presenting myself, my name is Luisa Galindo, im 23 years old, im from Colombia and of course im T1D 16 years ago (Sorry for my writing, im trying to do my best). I would love to have all of you guys in my whatsapp in order to stay in touch a little bit more close. Im not sure if its able from this platform to do this, but i find it usefull to make a meeting thanks that im looking forward to travel to the USA! Lets all stay motivated and keep going with this conditions that makes us unique. Hugs for all

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@Luisa_gc16 - Welcome Luisa to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum, we are happy to have you here.

I don’t have a whatsapp account but I am on this page almost every day - and there is a Message feature here, click the user icon [you have “L” in a circle] and you will see the the word “Message”.

Thank you very much Dennis!

Hi Luisa as Dennis said you can do messages in here. Also, I have seen people do Snapchat groups since it just requires an username not the phone number. I have a WhatsApp if you are interested in having more t1 friends message me for the number

Hello Fabio! for sure i´m so interested in having more t1 friends. If you are able and want you can send me an email at and i bring you my phone number from there. Thank you very much.

I would love too, that sounds great

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