Crocs Shoes

Just out of curiousity, I was wondering how many of you have tried Crocs shoes.  I own 19 22 different pairs (clogs, ballerina flats, wedge heels and dress heels, slip on sandals and boots), I love them and highly recommend them to everyone. If you're interested check out to see the ever growing selection for men, women and kids. I find they are very roomy as far as width and in the toe area. Although many people say that they are ugly ( the clog version), they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I had ingrown toe nails that required minor surgery for removal and bulky bandages afterwards. I didn't have any trouble fitting my foot into these shoes unlike my past 2 proceedures. I have to either wear Crocs or New balance tennis shoes in wide (D) width. Over the past 2 years I am having minor issues with my feet that have lead to not being able to wear normal (B) width shoes.

If you've tried them please share your stories : )

I totally agree, crocs are the most comfiest shoes around, but not the most fashionable!

I bought a pair of croc type shoes that were like granpa slippers but crocs and they were absolutely brilliant for work and then I ran down the street and tripped because the shoes had tooo much grip or something! Sorry to say I am never wearing them again!

I do love the variety of colours and patterns they come in tho!

I have to wear wide shoes beacause of my wide feet... Only ones that I can find that are semi-comfortable is new balance and that is what my endo has told me to wear.




 I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your crocs.



 Was there a specific NB model your doctor told you to wear ? I was just curious. I have the 8508 (my favorite I have them in 2 colors), 8509, 414 and the 442 models. Although I do miss my Nike tennis shoes, New Balance are now my tennis shoe of choice for comfort : )

Crocs has all new styles now for women,130

I absolutely LOVE my crocs!!  Although I only have on pair which is shameful compared to your 19!  :p

I have a pair of gold ballerina flats.  They're pretty comfy and I like to wear them to the beach b/c I just don't like flip flops.  I do have to say that the original ones are a bit silly looking, especially when people start decorating them with those jibbitz charms.  However, the kids at my dad's pediatrics office love them on his nurses' shoes. 

I haven't looked much into them since I got my ballerina ones, but I'm impressed, Gina, with the newer styles they have.  I love the t-strap heels.  Those are so cute!

I was a lifeguard for 2.5 years and I wore croc flip flops on deck.  Standing on hard tile for 8 hours is really brutal on your feet and knees, and the crocs helped so much!  Lots of guards at the pool wore them.



We are huge croc fans as well!!!  I do not care what they look like........they are soooo comfortable!  I love to be barefooted and so does my son(Jarett is the diabetic our family) so I do not want him to run around outside without something on his feet, so I keep us both in crocs!!!  As a matter of fact, I just told him that we need to go and get another pair!!


Scrappy D the Tstraps are so cute arent then i am thinking about getting them. I love comfy everyday sandals!

I have never really tried them on but now ill give them a chance. They must be comfurtable cuz to wear shoes that look like that and lov'em cuz they feel good must be a good thing :)

 Cesar, I bet you'll like them too if you try them out. When your feet get warm the shoe actually molds to the shape of your foot. I believe that's why so many people think they are so comfortable. They have many different styles for guys on if you don't like the clog ones. Let us know what you think : )

They are!  I was thinking about getting a pair myself.  I'm usually into wearing flats...but if these heels are as comfy as the ballet flat crocs, I'm down for forking up the cost.

Oops, that was to Gina

Scrappy Dy, I have 2 different types of crocs heels. The wedge heel "The Sassari" and the dress heel "the cyprus" and they are both as comfortable as the ballerina flats in my opinion. I do not usually wear heels myself but I will say I've never worn such a soft soled heel before. I am going to buy " The havana" also, I think they're really cute. Hope that helps.


ok orange mms, ill try them our ill tell what i think thanks!! :D

I like croc shoes but am unable to wear them because of the wide grip and am accustomed to wearing tennis or sas shoes.  Thank you for the information regarding croc shoes.  If I would purchase croc shoes would wear them just around home and nowhere else. 

pumpkin68, What are SAS shoes?

I googled it and I see they are a brand of shoe. Thank goodness for google, lol.

I totally LOVE my Crocs!  It is nice to have a pair of shoes that fit when my feet are swollen or not swollen.  They make me feel like I am walking on clouds.  I am about my comfort, NOT fashion; so, I never really thought about if they are ugly or not.  My only minor complaint is that they do tend to wear out quicker than my Birks.  I am needing a new pair.  Do you think this site has good prices??


I have a pair of crocs flip flops and they are extremely comfy!

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