Cruises and Diabtetes/Pump

we are going on a cruise in July and I dont know if there are in special things i need to take. When going through the metal detector do i take off my pump? Ihave been on 2 cruises before but not since I went back on the pump. Any advise?

Every time I've traveled, I've left my pump on my hip and its never set off the detector.  I had to remove my belt once, which it was clipped to, which was a pain in the butt!  Recently traveled on a plane and left two vials on insulin in my suitcase...BIG MISTAKE!  My sugars sky-rocketed because my insulin was likely exposed to high/low temps while in the plane and wasn't working.  Keep insulin in your carry on only!  Have a GREAT trip!

Hi Jessica, I've gone on multiple crusies since going on the pump.  When I go through the metal detectors I tell the security guards that I have an Insulin pump, even though it dosen't usually set it off.  It has saved me from some embaressment when they told me to remove my "cell phone."  Bring lots of extra supplies, one time the battery in my meter died (I have the Cozmore, that was attached to my pump).  Luckily we  were going to be in port the next day, but we spent a good two hours trying to find store that had the right kind.  I bring enough stuff for 1 1/2 times the length that I am going because you never know if you're going to a have site failure, miss a connection and hopefully not the ship :).  Brings glucose tabs and snacks too because some times the resturants aren't open or you're on shore.  Have a good time and enjoy your self.

Sarahz has some good points about taking extra supplies with you. Additionally, I take extra insulin and syringes when I travel in case my pump fails. I also keep a note of my daily total of basal insulin (which would be long-acting Lantus or similar) and the insulin/carb ratio for bolusing (Humalog or similar). When you're on a pump, It's so easy to forget how much insulin you'd take if you were injecting!


I have gone on a few cruises before. First thing - I wouldn't recommend putting your insulin pump through the x-ray machine - keep it attached while you go through the metal detector. While I don't have any scientific evidence to back up my claims - I don't like the idea of my insulin being exposed to x-rays and then proceeding to inject that insulin into myself.

Secondly bring double the supplies - enough for your entire trip on your carry on and enough for your entire trip in your luggage. If your luggae is lost and you don't have anything in you carry on - you are done for.

Enjoy your cruise - lots of fun! And don't forget to test test test (so much food!)