Crushed Art

I was diagnosed 22 years ago (age 9). When I was in high school, we had an assignment to take a plain plaster mask and decorate it to show our personality. I took it home and painstakingly removed the needles from the syringes, saved used glucosticks and applied them to the mask and then painted the whole thing to reflect my feelings about how diabetes had altered my view of myself. The teacher really liked it when I brought it in the day before grading (we had a week to finish).

The day we were to get our grade, I went to see what I had gotten (the masks were on a shelf) and found that someone had ripped all the syringes off the mask, peeling the paint off a large portion of it. It was destroyed. I was devastated and to make matters worse, I got an incomplete. Even though, I DID THE WORK! It wasn't my fault some a-hole desicrated my work. I can still see the mask in my mind and have considered recreating it.

I am considering entering one or two of my watercolors for the holiday cards, but haven't gotten too far with that. My gallery is

That Is the saddest art story i have heard in a long time! You should recreat it and post it here!

why the teacher gave you-incomplete,after seeing the work,I can't understand. You have talent,and someone with less may have distroyed  it.I like the ravens! I hope you and everyone keep showing all this talent.I always come here to look at art.Thanks!

Dear Laurie Bell,

Although your post is most disturbing, you have got to get used to your art becoming and unbecoming. You are talented and can create more art, you win. Many people wish to have a talent such as yours. Keep on, really, you are amazing !!!