Cured, no longer diabetic!

OK this is SOOOOOOO Werid!!!!!!!!!! I went and saw my Endocrinologist and he told me I am no longer diabetic!!!!!! I am not kidding or making it up!!!!! Mind I am now pre-diabetic.Yep only I could be that different. LOL Not sure what to think!!!! Oh, he is enrolling me in a study coming up, they want to see how my beta cells are doing and study my immune system. Sorry I guess I only had a guess pass to Club 1?????? What do you do when your wish comes true??? So werid!!!

congrulations!, how could that be possible, could you tell me more?? they said there is no cure for diabetes

They told me the same! LOL My Dr. said it does happen, very rare but it does. He said I fooled them. Hey since it was life long I went and got a tattoo, now what. ROFLMAO  

were you taking insulin at the time when the doc checked you?

No not this last time. I haven't needed insulin, like I use to in appox. a year. Before that for 2 years I live life La Vida Club 1. Lantus for breakfast and Novolg for all others.

maybe you were type 2 not 1

That's one of the funny things. I don't even make diabetic by Type 2 rules!

God bless you Keith. I have smiled and laughed at all your posts. You're so positive and upbeat. Where ever you're headed, with or without Diabetes, I wish you well... Hugs


Just a little more info. I thought if I am not diabetic I should be able to eat normal(?). I put it to the test. I ate a large candy bar, you know the triangle one with fruit and nuts and then went to bed. By the way it tasted So Good! My fasting bs in the morning was 89. Don't think I want to push it too much!! This morning I was 160, but the good news is that an hour later I am 113.Pancreas is a little slow, but seems to be getting the job done! Yea Beta cells you go!!! LOL

Thanks!!! Still kind of weird, I have retrain my thinking again. Never thought I would be having to say "Me I am not diabetic any more!" Now my tattoo is reminder of what was!!!

Were you diagnosed as a type 1 before?

Yes I was. I was dx'ed type 1 aug./08 in ICU, DKA, bs 672, a1c 13.2 and 52 years old.

So you were 50 when you were diagnosed when with T1?  Mmmm . . . sounds like something else was going on.  You weren't truly T1 diabetic. Probably something else interfering with your insulin production.

I ask that and was told nope. Being autoimmune it can change. Not sure if immune or body healing is the cause of having bs levels in pre-diabetic range not diabetic.

Was curious as to your medical training, which school do you go to. The Dr. is Firek Dr. Firek look him on google he's some kind Veterans Dr. involved in diabetics study. Hopefully just maybe they might be able to help others with what has happened to me. I'll let you know as I am enrolled in a new study just for me! LOL

Sounds to me like a egregious case of mis-diagnosis.  Type 1 does not instantly cure itself.

I agree.

Well, it seems to me this guy no longer qualifies to be on this forum.  He needs to join the magically cured T1 diabetic forum that consists of 1 person and stop breeding false hope and spouting B.S. on this forum.

You did say that you are now pre- diabetic.... surely that must actually be post-diabetic.... I think that there must be something else going on with your body, or you were mis-diagnosed. It happens, all the time. Considering that you were diagnosed at a later age, the possibility that you were type 2 not 1 is more likely.

IDDM is exactly that, Insulin Dependent. Although it is odd that whoever diagnosed you chose to go with type 1 rather than type 2.

My Uncle was 50 when he was diagnosed (after me) and because of his age they stuck him with type 2. He is and was a very fit man at the time, and it was obvious to me that he was more likely type 1, and now 10 years later, it seems that I was right. He has been on insulin for 9 years and his control is great.

The truth is, that if you are type 1 and on insulin, you don't come off insulin, unless you undergo the islet cells transplant. And even then it is not guaranteed. So while I am happy for you Keith, I would be questioning your original diagnosis, as it is a fact that there is no cure...... yet.

I think that's AWESOME and I believe you might have the key for them to actually RELEASE the cure... i believe there IS a cure and i've found a doctor in Bethlehem, Penn that says there's something in lettuce that can affect the beta cells. He says he has the cure... but time will tell... unless the FDA tries to stop it, because we all know... SO MUCH MONEY IS MADE FROM DIABETES! :)